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Click here to buy Morpheus Capo Guitar Effects Pedal by Morpheus.

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At on December 03, 2010.

Give your guitar instant polyphonic up-tuning in 1/2-step increments—plus Full Octave Up-Pitch and Octaver.

The Morpheus Capo guitar effects pedal lets you electronically capo your guitar and maintain perfect pitch. For example, play an E chord in standard tuning, then use the Capo pedal to up tune your guitar so the chord is changed to an F, F#, G, G#, A, Bb or B. In addition, the Capo pedal has Full Octave Up-Pitch and a great-sounding Octaver/12-string emulator that causes your 6-string to sound like a 12-string.

The Morpheus Capo guitar pedal also features effect-toggling so you can instantly toggle back and forth between the up pitch and the Effect Off for a cool up-/down-pitch-shift effect during rapid ascending/descending arpeggios and scale runs. Don't mistake this for a mere pitch shift stompbox. The Morpheus Capo pedal uses proprietary polyphonic pitch-up algorithms that maintain perfect harmonic accuracy and tonally correct overtones—you have to hear this pedal to believe how real it sounds.

With a cast metal chassis, solid positive-feeling steel step switches, and non-skid rubber feet, the Capo guitar pedal is solidly built for years of use and abuse. Includes LED indicators that are bright and easy to see.

Morpheus Capo Guitar Effects Pedal Features:

  • Proprietary polyphonic up pitch
  • Up tune up to 3-1/2 steps in 1/2-step increments
  • Full Octave up tune and Octaver/12-string emulator
  • Latching effect on/off switch
  • Momentary down and toggle/up switches
  • Bright backlit up tune, octave, octaver, toggle and effect indicators
  • Rear panel trim level control with front panel LED level display
  • In, out and power supply jacks (power supply included)
  • Patent pending
  • Rugged cast-metal chassis
  • Two-year limited warranty

Throw away all those quirky capos and do it electronically. Order today.

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