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Click here to buy Graph Tech Supercharger Acoustic Kit C by Graph Tech.
Graph Tech

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At on December 03, 2010.

Unlock your acoustic guitar's true potential.

The Supercharger Acoustic Kit C fits Martin, some vintage Fender, Yamaha, Gibson, and other acoustic guitars.

The TUSQ® Saddle and Bridge Pins included in this Graph Tech Supercharger Kit are designed to create absolutely the best link between your guitar strings' vibration and your guitar top. The TUSQ® Saddle in this kit is made under high heat and pressure and, unlike bone or ivory, each saddle is consistent from piece to piece and within each piece. There are no dead spots. TUSQ® is specially formulated to deliver the right frequencies and harmonics into your guitar top. You will experience a richer tone using a TUSQ® saddle. You will hear a huge increase in the harmonic content of each note played compared to conventional materials.

The TUSQ® Bridge Pins included in this kit also contribute to your guitar tone and performance. They are light-weight, yet very rigid and crystalline in nature. Removing weight from your bridge lets your guitar top vibrate more freely, increasing bass response, volume, and sustain. Try strumming a chord, let it ring and then place your finger on the bridge and see how the tone is affected as the bass response and sustain is decreased.

The Supercharger Kits will dramatically improve the way your acoustic guitar performs and change the way you play! Imagine each note you play being supercharged with sustain and harmonics. Having your guitar perform to its maximum potential lets you perform to your maximum potential.

Supercharge your guitar — call or click to order now.

Graph Tech Supercharger Acoustic Kit C Specifications:

  • Includes:
  • 1 TUSQ 3/32" compensated saddle
  • 1 set of 6 TUSQ traditional size bridge pins
  • 1 sheet of 240 grit adhesive backed sandpaper
  • 1 sheet of 400 grit adhesive backed sandpaper
  • 1 Graph Tech pick
  • Installation instructions

    Saddle dimensions
  • Thickness: 3/32" (2.36mm)
  • Length: 2-29/32" (73.66mm)
  • Height (E to E): 13/32" (10.16mm)

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