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Click here to buy Graph Tech Supercharger Strat and Tele Guitar Kit C by Graph Tech.
Graph Tech

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At on December 03, 2010.

Unlock your guitar's true potential.

This Graph Tech Supercharger Kit fits most import Strats, G&L, and most other Strat-style guitars with 2-1/16" string spacing. Also fits Shomaster, Squier Affinity Tele, Bullet, and Fat Strat guitars.

The String Saver(TM) Saddles in this kit are made with a unique combination of materials to enhance tone and dramatically reduce string breakage. How do they work? A string resting on a metal saddle binds and locks the string in place. As the string vibrates, it stresses the string on a very specific point and produces metal fatigue and then string breakage. Each String Saver Saddle is impregnated with Teflon, the slipperiest substance on earth. The Teflon(TM) in String Savers eases the grip between the saddle and string, spreading the stress over a greater portion of the string, just enough to drastically reduce string breakage.

What do they sound like? Metal saddles have a pronounced 2 KHz treble spike that dominates the tonal spectrum. String Savers have a more balanced tone, with highs mids and big open lows. You will also notice an increase in sustain by up to 25% over brass saddles and 15% over steel.

The Black TUSQ XL nut included in this kit is designed to boost your guitar\'s tone and performance. This precision slotted nut is made with our highly resonant TUSQ man-made ivory, which couples the strings\' vibrations to the neck and is impregnated with Teflon(TM) to improve the tuning performance of your guitar. Play hard or do massive string bends and your strings simply glide back into tune.

The String Saver Saddles and Black TUSQ XL nut in this Graph Tech SuperCharger Kit are designed to deliver the absolute best tuning, playing and tone performance for your electric guitar.

Transform your guitar. Call or click to order now!

Note: Stratocaster®, Strat®, Telecaaster ®, Tele®, Precision Bass®, P Bass®, Jazz Bass®, J Bass, and the unique headstock designs of these guitars are trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC). All rights reserved. FMIC is neither affiliated with nor endorses any non-FMIC products.

Graph Tech Supercharger Strat and Tele Guitar Kit C Specifications:

  • 1 set of 6 String Saver Saddles
  • 1 Black TUSQ XL precision slotted nut
  • 1 Black TUSQ XL nut blank
  • 1 Black TUSQ XL precision string trees
  • 1 allen key
  • 1 sheet of 240 grit adhesive backed sandpaper
  • 1 sheet of 600 grit adhesive backed sandpaper
  • 1 Graph Tech pick
  • Installation instructions

    Saddle dimensions
  • Thickness: 13/32" (10.41mm)
  • Length: 13/16" (20.7mm)
  • Height: 7/32" (5.84mm)
  • E to E: 2-1/16" (52.73mm)

    Nut Dimensions:
  • Thickness: 1/8" (3.35mm)
  • Length: 1-11/16" (42.93mm)
  • Height: 7/32" (5.33mm)
  • E to E: 1-3/8" (35.18mm)

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