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Jody Jazz

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At on December 03, 2010.

The ESP Soprano Saxophone mouthpiece is a mouthpiece for everyone. Remove the spoiler for a lush, traditional sound. Replace the spoiler and you can achieve all of the edge a contemporary player desires.

The Jody Jazz ESP is a metal tenor saxophone mouthpiece with flawless workmanship. The workmanship is evident in the beautiful thin side and tip rails and hand cut baffles. This metal sax mouthpiece is machined from a solid bar of the finest virgin brass, meaning no seams. The ESP is beautifully plated with the finest 24k, hard gold plating available. A very interesting feature is that the new Jody Jazz has a removable baffle with a 24k gold-plated secondary reed which gives the mouthpiece more brilliance and projection.

The chamber is big and fat, and the sound is unusually full. Compared to many of the high baffle metal sax mouthpieces, the Jody Jazz ESP will deliver a more round full sound with more bottom end without sacrificing high end or ease of playing.

"I wanted a mouthpiece that could produce a sound that would melt butter. A piece that lets the player shape the sound, instead of the sound being dictated by a high baffle or restrictive tone chamber. I wanted all of the bottom end in the world while still being able to sizzle on the high end. To be able to have the vocal qualities of Johnny Hartman's deep lush baritone and Dinah Washington's cutting clarity. Most of all, I wanted a mouthpiece that plays so effortlessly that you can completely forget about it. I think that the goal in all of your equipment purchases should be to find the mouthpiece/reed/ligature/horn combination that allows you to forget about all of it and just play. I believe that the Jody Jazz ESP is a metal tenor saxophone mouthpiece for the future that takes the best from the past. I hope that the Jody Jazz ESP brings new zest and life into your playing, the way it has done for mine." - Jody Espina

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Jody Jazz ESP Soprano Sax Mouthpiece Specifications:

  • Material: Gold-plated brass

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