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This African-derived drum is one of the most melodic percussion instruments.

Remo Talking Drum

Talking Drum masters historically sent messages to others by striking the drum with a curved stick by modulating its pitch. Squeezing the drum or pulling its strings are two of the many techniques that are used to produce the Talking Drum's characteristic rhythms and melodies.

One of the drum's most innovative features is its modern counterhoop, which makes for quick and easy drumhead changing. It also comes with a carrying strap to suspend over shoulder, making for easier playing.

Modern materials
Each of the four Talking Drums feature professional quality ACOUSTICON(TM) 316 shells and come with ambassador(TM)-weight and diplomat(TM)-weight SUEDE(TM) drumheads.

The Francis Awe Signature Series Talking Drums are available in the four traditional sizes - Kanago (11" x 6"), Esaju (15" x 6"), Ejin (16" x 8"), and Iyailu (18" x 8") with Remo's innovative ultra-light aluminum mallet (TD-1015-70) is sold separately.

Words from Mr Awe
"The combination of the Acousticon shell and the SUEDE(TM)drumhead has attracted the attention from my countrymen to play Remo," states Mr. Awe. "The consistency of the shell is far superior to the traditional tree trunk shells. I am pleased with the highest quality of talking drums from Remo."

A durable modern version of the traditional African instrument.

Remo Percussion Talking Drum Specifications:

  • Ejin: 18" x 8"
  • Esaju: 15" x 6"
  • Kanago: 11" x 6"
  • Lyailu: 16" x 8"

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