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Click here to buy AER Compact Classic Pro Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp by AER.

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At on December 01, 2010.

A combo amp ideally suited to classical instruments and styles.

The Compact Classic Pro amplifier is for classical players and their instruments. Based on the Compact 60 power amp, the Compact Classic Pro benefits from an improved 2-way-speaker system, a more complex 3-band EQ with parametric bass and the use of the AER 32-bit effects-processor with carefully designed presets for classical instruments.

All features of the AER Compact Classic Pro combine nicely to accurately reproduce the finer tonal texture of a classical instrument throughout the full audio band, enhance the low frequency response without increasing the feedback risk and create beautiful ambiance that supports the tone.

Having an acoustic guitar amp with one simple single setting is nice, but it really doesn't work, especially for more demanding classical instruments. For the right sound, it takes a little work, learning how to dial it in. AER believes that giving you a wide variety of settings will pay off in the end.

One channel - two individual inputs allow parallel use with any kind of pickup and microphone and allow two sound sources with the instrument. Dynamic controlled 60-Watts RMS and the 8" twin-cone — tweeter speaker system give perfect performance at all sound pressure levels.

Get the right tool for the job and you'll never regret it. Call us or click today.

AER Compact Classic Pro Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp Specifications:

  • Input 2: socket for a 6.3 mm jack plug, line level
  • Clip: overload indicator, red overload
  • Gain: input level control
  • Piezo / line: input stage selector
  • Up position: piezo mode
  • Down position: line mode
  • Mute: mute switch with indicator aside, yellow mute active
  • EQ: both inputs at the time. bass parametric tone control for bass, amplitude. Freq: frequency selector, 60 — 400 Hz
  • Bandwidth: filter characteristics mute of the parametric bass EQ
  • U - up position — broad
  • V - down pos. - narrow
  • Middle: tone control for mid-range
  • Treble: tone control for treble
  • Effect: pan - pans build in effect between input 1 and input 2. return effect Level control. program effect preset selector, 16 reverb/ambience presets

    Power: power indicator lamp
  • Master: level control for the overall volume

  • Inputs: aux in: RCA connectors, non adjustable
  • Return: effect return, mono
  • Insert: insert return, stereo ring

  • Phones: headphone output
  • Tuner: tuner output
  • Insert: insert send, stereo tip
  • LIneout: preamplifier output post-master control
  • Left out: master out
  • Right out: master out
  • Send: effect send, mono

    DI-out: XLR output, pre master control
  • DI level: DI level adjustment
  • DI pre/post effect: DI mode switch pre or post effect
  • Effect loop: mono, parallel
  • Send: output, to input of an external device
  • Return: input, from output of an external device or from another signal source, e.g. CD player
  • FS effect: stereo jack socket for double foot switch to turn internal and External effect on and off
  • FS mute: stereo jack socket for double foot switch to mute input 1 and 2

    Presence: presence control
  • Dip switch
  • Power: combined mains switch with a mains socket and a fuse holder (1 A slow Blow)
  • Accessory: 3/8" microphone stand adapter, carrying bag

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