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Click here to buy Allen & Heath Xone:62 6-Channel DJ Mixer by Allen & Heath.
Allen & Heath

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Phenomenal VCF filters, creative 4-band EQ, RIAA preamps, 6 dual stereo inputs, and much more.

The Allen & Heath XONE:62 DJ mixer presents a unique combination of performance tools for the professional DJ in a stylish and solidly built club format. Above all, the mixing console features exceptional sound quality. The Allen & Heath XONE:62 has been designed and constructed using the same rigorous standards Allen & Heath apply to their large-format professional DJ consoles used and respected by top engineers throughout the world.

The XONE:62 mixer provides 6 dual stereo channels, with A and B inputs on each—two offering mic inputs7mdash;adding up to a massive 10 stereo and 2 microphone inputs. The DJ console gives you a full range of connectors so you can connect up to 4 turntables, 2 mics, CD players, MD players, drum machines, samplers, and pretty much anything else you might want to bring into the mix.

The more bands of EQ you have, the more creative you can get with your mix. That is why this Allen & Heath mixer offers you 4 EQ controls rather than the usual 3. Each band has a safe +6dB boost and a massive -26dB of cut—enough to creatively shape your sound well beyond normal EQ range without overloading your system. Punch the Allen & Heath XONE:62's effect in or out using the EQ on switch.

Channels 3 to 6 can be assigned to either side of the high-spec Penny & Giles VCA crossfader. This controls the audio using a DC voltage. That means that the Allen & Heath XONE:62 mixer can take a huge amount of punishment without the bangs and crackles that inevitably creep in on regular audio faders. The DJ mixer is easily removable from the top panel for quick replacement should it become worn. The curve can be switched to either dipped response, ideal for seamless beat mixing, or to dipless, which is better suited to scratch or cut mixing.

Unique to the XONE:62, two stereo state variable Voltage Controlled Filters provide the DJ with a new level of live performance creativity. These are very similar to those found on classic analog synths, but benefit from modern, quiet, and stable technology. Use these to sweep the sound by accentuating or cutting frequencies from 100Hz to 20kHz. The 3 filter types HPF, BPF, and LPF can be combined to create many more amazing effects. The Allen & Heath mixer's large Resonance control changes the "Q"—or sharpness of the filter effect—from subtle to extreme. Each VCF has its own in/out switch.

Combined with the extensive output and monitoring features, color-coded indicators, stylish layout, and clear graphics visible in all lighting situations, the Allen & Heath mixer you have an unbeatable performance console equally at home in dance clubs, home setups, live venues, and on the road.

Allen & Heath Xone:62 6-Channel DJ Mixer Features:

  • 6 dual stereo inputs, 2 with mic inputs
  • RIAA preamps for up to 4 turntables
  • A/B input selectors with 2 color indicators
  • Smooth action gain controls
  • Stereo aux send with pre/post switching
  • 4-Band asymmetric EQ with extended cut
  • EQ in/out switches to defeat the effect
  • Large illuminated cue switches
  • 4 LED, 3-color channel meters
  • Crossfader on and assign switches
  • Color-coded crossfader routing indicators
  • Smooth travel 60mm faders with dust covers
  • Removable Penny & Giles VCA crossfader
  • Crossfader output balance control
  • Crossfader output to Aux send
  • Rotary master level control
  • Dual stereo analog VCF effects
  • 3 Filter modes combine for more effects
  • Independent frequency sweep controls
  • Resonance control for subtle or wild effects
  • Filter switches to punch the effect in or out
  • Large blue LEDs indicate filter status
  • Powerful headphones monitor with auto cue
  • Headphones split cue and mix/aux monitoring
  • Stereo music only booth monitor output
  • Booth mono and mute switching
  • 12 LED 3 color main meters with peak hold
  • Balanced +4dBu XLR stereo mix output
  • Mono sum output for zone feed or light effects
  • Pre-fade recording output
  • Soft-touch controls gentle on the fingers
  • Easy-to-read graphics in any lighting

    Ships with mains leads, user guide, A&H stickers

Add this award-winning DJ mixer to your club set up by calling or clicking to order today!

Allen & Heath Xone:62 6-Channel DJ Mixer Specifications:

  • Max output level:
  • XLR: +26dBu into >2k ohm
  • TRS: +21dBu into >2k ohm
  • RCA: +15dBu into >10k ohm
  • Headroom:
  • Channels +21dB
  • Mix to output: +23dB
  • Freq response: +0/-1dB, 20Hz to 40kHz
  • Distortion: < 0.006%, THD+noise @1kHz
  • Crosstalk: < 90dB, Channel shutoff @1kHz
  • MIC EIN 22-22kHz: -128dB, 150ohm source
  • Residual noise:
  • XLR: -90dBu (-94dB S/N)
  • TRS: -84dBu (-84dB S/N)
  • RCA: -92dBu (-84dB S/N)
  • Mix noise:
  • XLR: -86dBu (-90dB S/N)
  • TRS: -83dBu (-83dB S/N)
  • RCA: -91dBu (-83dB S/N)
  • Ch meters: Peak reading 4 LED, -16, 0, +6, +12 (PK)
  • Main meters: Peak reading 12 LED, -20 to +8
  • Mic EQ (4-Band +/-15dB): 100, 250, 2.5k, 10kHz
  • Music EQ (4-Band +6/-26dB): 100, 250, 2.5k, 10kHz
  • Ch fader: 60mm stereo
  • Mix fader: 100mm stereo
  • Crossfader: 45mm stereo VCA, Replaceable
  • Filters: Dual stereo VCF, Analog
  • Panel: Stainless steel
  • Power Supply
  • Internal switch mode power unit with auto sensing mains input.
  • MAINS IN socket: IEC 3-pin
  • Power lead: Country dependent with moulded mains plug supplied
  • AC mains: 100 to 240V AC @ 50/60Hz
  • Consumption: 30W max
  • Mains fuse rating: 100-240V AC, T500mA, 20mm
  • Dimensions and Weights
  • The console is fitted with rubber feet for desktop operation
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 320mm (12.6") x 105mm (4.1") x 358mm (14.1")
  • Weight: 5kg (11lb.)

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