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Click here to buy AudioWarrior Elektrik Lead Guitar Reason Refill by AudioWarrior.

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At on December 01, 2010.

Vintage, tube-driven, 'strummable' chords and lead electric guitar for Reason users!

Weighing in at 850MB, Electric Strummer Reason Refill is an NN-XT sound library that bridges the gap between keyboards, tube amps, and electric guitar. It uses AudioWarrior's patent-pending G-Mapping, which allows the user to literally strum guitar chords on any MIDI keyboard with the included nylon guitar pick so you play killer leads unlike any other guitar sample library! ChromaVibe patches use Chromatic Morphing Harmonics, fueled by over 300 premium, 24-bit samples with up to 21 different alternating samples per note. Each guitar sample starts out as a tube-driven electric guitar note, then using a special guitar technique, pitch-shifts with each alternating note literally evolving into its relative harmonic with real guitar vibrato. You can simultaneously combine chromatic leads in the same patch via Reason's NN-XT Advanced Sampler.

AudioWarrior Elektrik Lead Guitar Reason Refill Features:

  • 850 MB of 24-bit electric guitar samples
  • 47 sample folders of 24-bit harmonic vibrato notes sampled from attack to complete decay, with dramatic-vibrato and pitch-shifting harmonics
  • 6 folders of all strings and notes-sampled in 24-bit quality-from attack to complete decay without vibrato
  • 70 G-Mapped Strummable NN-XT Chords with sustain
  • 70 G-Mapped Strummable NN-XT Chords without sustain
  • 70 G-Mapped Strummable NN-XT Chords with an alternating top harmonic note NN-XT ChromaVibe patches
  • Heavily Layered multi-note chromatic patches such as: BrianMay1, Jimi, ToniIommi1, 3.5kTrebleBoost

    20 Reason songs including:
  • ChromaAutoWah
  • ChromaAutoWahMiniSustained
  • ChromaMorphingHarmonics
  • ChromaScream
  • ChromaScreamPhase
  • ChromaScreamPhaseVerbComp
  • ChromaVocoder
  • StarSpangledJimi

An affordable, addictive way to add more power to Reason! Call or click to order today!

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