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Click here to buy Boomerang III E-156 Phrase Sampler/Looper by Boomerang.
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At on December 01, 2010.

Customizable, high-quality effects that can be linked into an incredible effect system.

The Boomerang III E-156 Phrase Sampler/Looper is a little powerhouse that records in true stereo (or mono). The Boomerang has over 17 minutes of recording time in mono and 6 independent loops that can be played sequentially (verse/chorus/bridge use) or simultaneously. In the latter mode the loops may be synched or played totally independent from each other.

After the primary loop is recorded, there are 3 additional "layers" that can be recorded. The layers can be silenced, played or re-recorded. Additional material may be stacked on (added to) any of the layers. This provides an undo/redo capability.

The user can assign a number of interesting and useful functions to a "Bonus" button. Includes loop extend, loop copy, reverse lead live, auto fade out, metronome with loop quantize, octave down effect (for bass line creation), reverse playback and layer merging (combine all layers to free up memory).

Tailor your sound with selectable sample rates, a variety of signal routing options and a pedal linking system so multiple units can be synched. The pedal is easy to operate and intuitive, but has lots of options. Volume is controlled by an external expression pedal.

Part of a family of great sounding effect pedals from BMP. Each pedal has 2 different effects with true stereo output. There are 11 preset locations for storing your own sounds. Connect an expression pedal and you can control overall effect(s) level or morph between two different sounds that you define. All the pedals in this family will be linkable to form a complete effects system. Press store or recall on any one pedal and all linked pedals will respond.

"Some products make you sound better; the Boomerang® Phrase Sampler makes you play better."

Boomerang III E-156 Phrase Sampler/Looper Features:

  • True Stereo
  • Over 17 minutes of recording time (mono)
  • 6 independent loops
  • Play loops sequentially or simultaneously
  • Undo/Redo capability
  • Loop extend'
  • Loop copy
  • Reverse lead live
  • Auto fade out
  • Metronome with loop quantize
  • Octave down effect (for bass line creation)
  • Reverse playback
  • Layer merging
  • Wedge shaped
  • Made in Texas

Make it yours! Call or click today to order.

Boomerang III E-156 Phrase Sampler/Looper Specifications:

  • 9.3" wide x 6.0" deep x 2.2" high
  • Stereo/Mono Inputs and Outputs
  • 9V AC/DC 400mA
  • Expression pedal input
  • Rang™ input
  • Pedal Link™ output

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