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Born to Sing

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The most complete "Vocal Power Method" course from two respected international voice trainers.

The Born to Sing Vocal Master Course includes a DVD, 5 CDs and a book to form a powerhouse instructional program for learning how to sing or how to be a better singer. Designed by Howard Austin & Liz Howard, authors of the "Born to Sing" series, "Sing Like A Pro," and the "Vocal Power Method," these comprehensive, fully integrated cross-referenced multimedia voice lessons contain a step-by-step demonstration, music tracks to sing along with, and over 300 song phrases and vocal exercises.

The Vocal Master Course includes:

"Born to Sing" DVD
The vocal lessons include: Illustrating Breathing, Support, Focus, Resonating Sace, Consonants, Volume Control, Vibrato, Placement, Registers, Pop Mix, and Classical Mix.

"Technique" CD
This CD covers breath support, vibrato, range, resonance, pitch accuracy, falsetto, head voice, chest voice, smoothing out the 'break' between registers, volume control, projection, holding notes & long phrases, and more.

"Style" CD
This CD covers pop, rock, country, blues, R&B, Broadway, phrasing, improvisation, how to find your own sound, & personal singing style.

"Super Vocals" CD
This CD provides you with 'licks' and tricks for every style.

"Sing-Aerobics" CD
This is a great way to get your instrument in fine working shape with a 30-minute daily workout, with high & low exercises for you to use as a warm up. These vocal exercises are perfect for use at home, in the car, or at the studio.

"Vibrametrics" CD
This 27-track CD helps you focus on vibrato training and voice balancing.

Vocal Power Method Instruction Book
The book contains plenty of vocal exercises and other material that supports the other singing lessons and instruction materials.

Born to Sing Vocal Master Course (DVD + 5 CD's + Book) Features:

  • Singing lessons given by international voice trainers Howard Austin & Liz Howard
  • Includes "Born to Sing" DVD, "Technique" CD, "Style" CD, "Super Vocals" CD, "Sing-Aerobics" CD, and "Vibrametrics" CD
  • Has step-by-step vocal instructions, music to sing along with, and 300 song phrases and exercises

Pay a little now to give your voice a big payoff later. Order this course today!

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