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At on December 01, 2010.

Uses enhanced DNA technology to correct and optimize monophonic or rhythmic audio material.

Celemony uno used to be their most basic Melodyne package. It has since been discontinued and replaced by the much improved assistant. This upgrade offer is for owners of uno who want to correct and optimize monophonic or rhythmic audio material as only Melodyne can—thanks to assistant's state-of-the-art DNA technology.

With Melodyn assistant you can perfect the intonation and timing via macro, or, in a more targeted way, by hand. Transpose, move, or erase notes, alter their volume and formant spectra, or digitally copy them to another location. Quickly to Hand
Melodyne assistant operates directly within your audio workstation. You hear all edits in the context of the other tracks of your project and can use as many instances as you wish and your computer will allow. And for the swift editing of a sample between times, you can open Melodyne assistant in stand-alone mode without having to start up your audio workstation first. Open For Upgrades
Melodyne assistant offers you a great deal of usefulness for very little money. And this investment makes still more sense if you wish to upgrade to Melodyne editor (also polyphonic material) or Melodyne studio (multi-track) at a later date. Attractive upgrade options are available to both. So you can't lose by entering here. The small step to Melodyne assistant could become a giant leap in the future.

The Finest of Fine-Tuning
Human hearing is particularly sensitive when it comes to vocal tracks, which is why producers all over the world are grateful that intonation and timing corrections with Melodyne are practically inaudible. Melodyne assistant offers you the same celebrated sound quality and uniquely intuitive access to each individual note in your vocal material—bringing you that crucial step closer to perfection. Whatever Melodies You Please
You can edit a bass part with Melodyne assistant with the same flexibility as a saxophone or flute solo. Whether to correct mistakes and tidy up the timing or to change the original melody or completely restructure entire passages. Melodyne assistant gives you a freedom when dealing with audio that will suggest totally new ideas to you. Freed From Rigidity
With Melodyne assistant, you can modify drum loops in many different ways by moving drum-strokes, shortening them, lengthening them, making them louder or softer, changing their frequency or thinning them out. When executing such procedures, Melodyne works in a far more musical way than typical slicing programs. You no longer need to worry about unevenness, holes or similar artifacts. Global Intervention
Not even full mixes dismay Melodyne assistant. Select parts of songs or individual beats, and transpose, move or copy them in their entirety to some other location. Because Melodyne assistant recognizes and separates the beats in audio material, all such procedures can be accomplished effortlessly and without little clicks or other blemishes being introduced along the way.

Celemony Melodyne assistant Upgrade from uno Features:

  • Single-track audio editing environment with Melodyne technology
  • Suitable for monophonic and rhythmic/complex audio material
  • works as a plug-in (VST, AU, RTAS) in compatible DAWs under Mac OS X and Windows
  • Can also be used in standalone mode
  • Activation on up to two computers or via iLok
  • User interface and manual in English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese

  • Manual or automatic correction of intonation and timing errors
  • Refashioning of melodies, timing and rhythm
  • Transposition including adjustment to scale
  • Modifying various note parameters such as volume, vibrato, formant spectrum
  • Pitch-shifting and time stretching
  • (Re-)quantization

    Monophonic Material
  • In the case of monophonic (solo voice, saxophone, bass guitar) audio material, the following possibilities exist for editing notes:
  • Modifying the pitch, pitch drift, pitch modulation, position, length, and volume
  • Shifting the formant spectrum
  • Modifying the pitch or volume transition between notes
  • Shifting the formant spectrum of transitions between notes
  • Timing (re-)quantization, manually or via macro
  • Pitch quantization, manually or via macro
  • Cut, copy, and paste

    Rhythmic and Complex Material
  • In the case of rhythmic as well as polyphonic and complex material, separation is according to beats, so if several notes (e.g. click, snare, and piano chord) sound on the same beat, they are available for editing in the shape of one Melodyne blob. For such blobs, the following editing possibilities exist:
  • Modifying the pitch (relative), position, length, and volume
  • Shifting the formant spectrum
  • Modifying the volume transition between blobs
  • Shifting the formant spectrum of transitions between blobs
  • Timing quantization, manually, or via macro
  • Cut, copy, and paste

Owners of uno, get a dose of audio assistance at a cost that's très bien. Upgrade today!

Celemony Melodyne assistant Upgrade from uno Specifications:

  • System Requirements
  • Dual (Core) PowerPC G5 or Intel Dual Core processor, 2GB RAM, OS X 10.4 or later
  • Intel or AMD Dual Core processor, 2GB RAM, Windows XP (SP2 or SP3), Windows Vista or Windows 7, ASIO-compatible audio hardware

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