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Click here to buy Crate FlexWave Series FW120HS 120W Half-Stack by Crate.
Features: 8.17
Quality: 8.24
Value: 8.69
Overall: 8.10
(Based on 76 ratings)
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List Price: $666.72
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At on December 01, 2010.

A tonal range from crystal clear to screaming high gain.

This Half-Stack includes the Crate FlexWave FW120H Guitar Amp Head and FlexWave Series FW412 Guitar Cabinet.

The FlexWave120H is the perfect stage guitar stack top for the pro or semi-pro gigging musician who needs driving power, multiple channels and built-in effects. Its FlexWave™ Evolution 5 preamp uses patented Sequential Cascading Gain™ technology to pump 120W of fat, driving tone through your speaker cab. Variable 3-channel operation allows you to switch among crystal clear clean, red-hot overdrive and screaming high gain channels from the included remote footswitch. A built-in tuner ensures you're constantly in tune. With DSP effects, Channel Tracking of effects settings, and a proprietary Shape Control circuit for creating wicked custom leads, it's uited perfectly to the Crate G412A/B 4x12 cabinets.

More than 25 years of award-winning engineering prowess led Crate to develop the remarkably responsive FlexWave Evolution 5. Sequential Cascading Gain™ technology that yields rich, articulate tone that's fully customizable with onboard effects. Get everything from crystal clear cleans to white-knuckle distortion. For sweet tone and roadworthy construction, it's hard to find a better value.

Capture raw stereo power with the FW412A and FW412B speaker cabinets from Crate. Compatible with any Crate head, including the FlexWave120H, and designed for the next generation of rock players, these 4x12" cabs are available in slanted (FW412A) and straight (FW412B) models and can process everything from sparkling cleans to face-melting distortion. Their 120-watts of power handling operate in both Stereo or Mono at 4 or 8 ohms.

Crate FlexWave Series FW120HS 120W Half-Stack Features:

  • Flexwave FW120H Guitar Amp Head

    3 channels
  • 120 watts
  • Evolution 5 preamp
  • DSP effects
  • Onboard tuner

    FW412 Guitar Cabinet

    Compatible with all Crate heads
  • 4x12" speakers
  • 120W power handling
  • Stereo or Mono operation
  • 4 or 8 Ohms

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