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Denis Wick

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At on December 01, 2010.

Classic design for the modern baritone.

Virtuoso Steven Mead designed his original mouthpiece in 1995. Since that time the baritone has gone through several improvements, and the need for a new mouthpiece became apparent. The Steven Mead Ultra Series by Denis Wick creates a powerful sound with a singing quality to the high register. Its design is slightly different from the original Steven Mead. The outer shape is heaver, it has a more round cup, and the inner rim is a little sharper.
The new "Ultra" range was launched to great acclaim simultaneously at the 2010 Music China in Shanghai and the National Brass Band Championships at Royal Albert Hall.
"From an initial concept drawing we started to get closer to the desired goal. Each prototype was subjected to rigorous testing in different acoustics, using "blind" judges listening to the new mouthpiece in relation to others. Each time following the tests we were able to make it a little better, then again a little better. Finally, we arrived at the finished version and I'm delighted with it!" - Steven Mead
"The new SM6BU gives you the bigger tone, but you keep control of your higher register much more easily. With the standard 6BS, my sound seemed to stay within the bell of the instrument, but with the SM6BU, I found my sound filling the room. The improvement to my sound was instantly noticeable and I can now blend much better with the rest of the band." - Mike Wells, 1st baritone with the Grimethorpe Colliery Band

Diameter: 39.6 mm
Cup Diameter: 26.0 mm
Rim Width: 6.3 mm
Bore Size: 7.4 mm
Back Bore: V-type

Diameter: 39.3 mm
Cup Diameter: 25.7 mm
Rim Width: 6.3 mm
Bore Size: 7.2 mm
Back Bore: V-type

Diameter: 37.92 mm
Cup Diameter: 25.4 mm
Rim Width: 6.26 mm
Bore Size: 6.66 mm
Back Bore: V-type

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