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Click here to buy DigiTech BP50 Bass Floor Modeling Pedal by DigiTech.
Features: 8.62
Quality: 8.60
Value: 9.13
Overall: 8.81
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At on December 01, 2010.

An amazingly easy price for 11 amp models, 20 effects, and drums!

The affordable, quality DigiTech BP50 Bass Floor Modeling Pedal will expand your bass horizons. It provides an extensive range of basic sounds via 11 award-winning amp models. Next it adds 20 of the hottest bass effects (up to 8 at once) to warp your sound into new creative zones. Added to this are 5 stompbox models, fretless simulation, cab modeling, and an expression pedal input for volume, wah, and whammy. Then to make practice more fun and effective, this DigiTech pedal adds 30 drum patterns with variable tempo.

24-bit A/D/A converters deliver clean, clear, full sound with accuracy between inputs and outputs. 40 factory/40 user presets give you plenty of realtime control. A 13-LED wide-range tuner with easy-reading display makes precise tuning a breeze. The pedals are separated to prevent accidental stomps. The DigiTech BP50 is one fantastic tool for both practice and gigs.

DigiTech BP50 Bass Floor Modeling Pedal Features:

  • Real amp modeling instead of just distortions and EQ variations
  • AudioDNA DSP super chip
  • 11 award-winning amp models
  • 20 effects include compression, cab modeling, 3-band EQ, noise gate, auto swell, chorus flanger, phaser, vibrato, octavider, envelope filter, detuner, pitch shifter, 3 delays, and 6 reverbs
  • Wah, volume, and whammy via optional expression pedal
  • 5 stompbox models
  • Built-in drum machine with 30 patterns and variable tempo so you never have to jam alone
  • 24-bit A/D/A converters
  • Easy-to-read display
  • 40 factory/40 user presets
  • Pedals separated to prevent accidents
  • Stare light cover
  • Stereo output doubles as a headphone jack
  • Expression pedal input

DigiTech BP50 Bass Floor Modeling Pedal Includes:

  • power supply

It's a super-affordable, simple, great-sounding bass box loaded with all the stuff you can ever use. Order today.

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