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The MX60 Front End One is a unique mic/line/instrument input channel in a single rackspace providing high-quality Drawmer processing prior to tape/hard disc recording. Also ideally suited to project studio and live sound applications, the MX60 functions as a studio-grade mic preamp, Program Adaptive gate, de-esser, compressor, limiter, three-band EQ and multi-band tube saturation stage.

Grass Roots - The MX60 draws its technology from the most successful of Drawmer products. The mic preamp features the same discrete component design found in the legendary Drawmer 1960, the de-esser is derived from the MX50, the VCA based compressor is similar to the MX30, while the peak limiter and gate can be tracked back to the DL241 compressor/limiter.


Input Stage: The input stage may be switched to accept mic, line, or instrument level signals - the XLR mic input has switchable 48V phantom power and phase reverse, while the line input is on both a balanced +4dB TRS jack and an unbalanced -10dB jack. A high-impedance instrument jack is located on the front panel for use with electric guitars, basses, synths and drum machines.

Program Adaptive Gate: Drawmer's proprietary Program Adaptive circuitry means that all the time constants are automatically optimised for the material being processed. This enables stable gating and eliminates 'chatter' around threshold. Controls via a single variable threshold and switchable fast/slow auto release.

De-Esser: Floating threshold de-ess operation where the de-esser automatically and continually readjusts its own threshold level. The MX60 de-esser is almost completely automatic-all you have to do is select a switchable male or female setting and adjust the amount of de-essing required. Only the sibilant sounds are subjected to gain reduction so that the lisping effect of simpler de-essers is avoided.

EQ: High and low shelving sections as well as fully parametric mid-range EQ with variable frequency, 'Q', and +/-18dB cut/boost.

Compressor: High-quality VCA compressor based on that of the MX30 and DL241. Both the attack and release times are Program Adaptive leaving the user with only ratio, threshold and make-up gain to adjust.

Tubesound: Multi-band 'tube saturation' allows you to create subtle warming, high frequency effects or out-and-out obvious effects via three separate, independently adjustable audio bands. Low settings on all bands enable replication of classic tube mic sounds.

Output: The output stage includes a limiter with a preset threshold (+16dB) and a variable master fader with output bargraph metering which sets the overall output level from OFF to +15dB. A two-stage soft/hard limiting approach has been adopted with yellow and red LEDs signifying soft (approaching limit point) and hard limiting (hitting limit point).

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Drawmer MX60 Front End One Specifications:

  • INPUT IMPEDANCES: LINE 20K Ohm, MIC 150 Ohm to 600 Ohm, AUX 1M Ohm
  • INPUT CMR: better than -40dB (20Hz - 22kHz)
  • BANDWIDTH: 16Hz to 28KHz -1dB
  • CROSSTALK: at 10KHz -94dB at 1KHz -100dB
  • NOISE: Wideband (worst case): -85dB, 22Hz - 22KHz: -105dB
  • DISTORTION: Typical Input/Unity Gain (+4dBu input+19dBu output): 100Hz/<0.05%, 1KHz/<0.05%, 10KHz/<0.05%
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: 115Volt or 230Volt at 50-60Hz, 15 Watts
  • FUSE RATING: T63mA for 230Volt, T125mA for 115Volt (CONFORMING TO IEC 127-2)
  • FUSE TYPE: 20mm x 5mm, Class 3 Slo-Blo, 250Volt working
  • CASE SIZE: 482mm (w) x 44mm (h) x 200mm (d)
  • WEIGHT: (incl packaging) 3.2 Kgs

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