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Click here to buy Dtar Perfect Timbre Active Piezo Pickup System For Acoustic Guitar by Dtar.

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At on December 01, 2010.

A high-quality active pickup system for any acoustic guitar.

The D-TAR Perfect Timbre pickup system combines a revolutionary, highly responsive piezo-film accelerometer with a custom on-board preamp to capture and preserve the natural timbre of your acoustic guitar.

This active D-TAR pickup system captures the warmth and character of your acoustic guitar with startling clarity and accuracy, preserving its natural acoustic sound for live performance and direct-recording applications.

Just slightly larger than its 9V power source, the Perfect Timbre preamp has excellent dynamic and frequency response, with on-board adjustments for presence and high-to-mid frequencies. D-TAR calls The Perfect Timber accelerometer pickup and preamp, "the closest thing to a microphone you'll never bump your guitar into."

D-TAR - Duncan/Turner Acoustic Research
Seymour Duncan and Rick Turner are two legends who spent years working with musicians, perfecting their tone. Seymour founded his self-named company in 1978 which has become well-known for its wide variety of guitar and bass pickups used by just about every name player from Billie Joe Armstrong to Angus Young. Rick co-founded Alembic, was president of Gibson Labs West Coast R&D Division, co-founded Highlander Musical Audio making piezo acoustic guitar pickups for Lindsay Buckingham, Ry Cooder, David Lindley, and Andy Summers, and runs his own Renaissance Guitars. Now Seymour and Rick are working together to create innovative products for acoustic musicians. Their D-TAR motto: "With respect to acoustic tone."

Dtar Perfect Timbre Active Piezo Pickup System For Acoustic Guitar Features:

  • Highly responsive piezo-film accelerometer
  • Low profile design
  • Custom on-board pre-amp
  • On-board adjustable presence and high-mid frequencies
  • Low impedance preamp output can be plugged directly into an amplifier input, line-in jack or mixing console
  • 9 volt power source
  • Low power consumption
  • Captures and preserves the natural timbre of your acoustic guitar.
  • Design preserves the appearance, action, sustain and feel of the instrument.
  • Ideal for both live performance and direct-recording applications.
  • Long battery life
  • For Steel- or Nylon-String Acoustic Guitar

Get an acoustic pickup system for the stage or the studio!

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