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Click here to buy Glyph GT 103 FireWire 800 Docking Station by Glyph.

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At on December 01, 2010.

Triple docking station for GT key drives.

The Glyph GT 103 rack can be found in the world's top studios where they are used for recording, file transfer, backup and archiving. They support high track counts in all major digital audio workstation software, and allow you to capture virtually unlimited amounts of video with removable GT Key drives (sold separately). The GT Key is now available with up to 2TB using 7,200 RPM drives.

Glyph GT 103: Fast, Rock Solid, and Runs Cool
Today's music production environments demand hundreds of tracks, tons of edits, all at high-resolution sample rates. Your recording storage needs to be able to keep up. Specifically designed for production scenarios that require multiple drives, the Glyph GT 103 can be configured with three FireWire GT Key FireWire hot-swap drives in capacities up to 2TB each.

Backward and Forward Compatibility
FireWire 800 GT Keys are backward-compatible with all GT Series FireWire 400 enclosures. Compatibility is maintained because both versions use the same hot-swap technology, Glyph's Integrity FireWire Interface. Upgrading your studio to FireWire 800 can be seamless while you maintain your investment in FireWire 400 GT Keys.

Stylish Protective Enclosure
The Glyph GT 103 is constructed with a scratch-resistant black powder-coated aluminum chassis, as well as a unique 1/8" thick brushed stainless steel face plate. The aluminum chassis offers additional heat transfer properties while allowing the Glyph GT 103 to be lightweight.

Professional Power
Professionals know that high quality power is one of the most important components in any piece of equipment. Glyph uses dual internal power supplies in the GT 103, as well as dual fans. The power supplies are fully auto-switching for international use.

Front Panel Connectivity
The Glyph GT 103 Fire Wire 800 includes a front-panel FireWire 400 port which allows you to connect other legacy FireWire devices to your computer without having to climb around the back of your rack-mounted gear.

The Warranty
The best warranty in the industry includes a 3 Year Full Warranty, 2 Years of Free Level I Data Recovery, and 1 Year of Free Overnight Advance Replacement on GT Key drives.

Glyph GT 103 FireWire 800 Docking Station Features:

  • 3 GT Key Bays in 1U Rackspace
  • Specifically designed for production scenarios
  • Backward-compatible with all GT Series FireWire 400 enclosures
  • Scratch-resistant black powder-coated aluminum chassis, with 1/8" thick Brushed stainless steel face
  • Dual internal power supplies
  • Dual fans
  • Auto-switching power supplies for international use.
  • Includes a front-panel FireWire 400 port
  • Best warranty in the industry
    Content Creation Applications
    Digidesign Pro Tools
    Steinberg Nuendo and Cubase
    Apple Logic
    MOTU Digital Performer
    Cakewalk Sonar
    Sony Vegas

Glyph GT 103 FireWire 800 Docking Station Includes:

  • 9-Pin FireWire 800 Cable, IEC Power Cable, Rack mounting screws

Get high-quality, portable storage today!

Glyph GT 103 FireWire 800 Docking Station Specifications:

  • Compatible Operating System
  • Apple OS 8.6, 9.X, 10.X
  • Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista
  • Modern Unix-based, Linux, or BSD
  • Glyph part number: GT103800
  • Capacities: 160GB | 250GB | 500GB | 750GB | 1TB | 1.5TB | 2TB
  • Rotational speed (RPM) for GT Key
  • 160GB - 1.5TB (7,200RPM)
  • 2TB (5,900 or 7,200 RPM)
  • Interface connectivity
  • FW400 GT 103: Two back panel ports, one on front panel
  • FW800 GT 103: Two back panel ports, one FW400 front panel port
  • Bridging chipset
  • FireWire 400 GT Key: Oxford 911
  • FireWire 800 GT Key: Oxford 924
  • Average seek time: 8ms
  • Maximum transfer rate
  • FireWire 400: 50MB/sec (400Mb/sec)
  • FireWire 800: 100MB/sec (800Mb/sec)
  • Sustained transfer rate
  • FireWire 400: >36MB/sec
  • FireWire 800: >70MB/sec
  • Cache size
  • 8MB (160GB | 250GB)
  • 16MB (500GB | 750GB)
  • 32MB (1TB | 1.5TB | 2TB)
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Height: 1.7 inches
  • Width: 19 inches
  • Depth: 16 inches
  • Weight: 11.5 lbs. / 5.2 kg (w/o GT Keys); 16 lbs. / 7 kg (fully loaded)
  • Power Supply: Internal Universal 100-240v 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption (with 3 GT Keys): 125 Watts peak draw

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