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Hart Dynamics

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At on December 01, 2010.

For accurate triggering with an acoustic feel and look, it's tough to beat a Hart.

This Professional 5.3 Electronic Drum Set is simply one of the best-built, most accurate triggering drum sets available. For those who prefer the look of a traditional acoustic set, it doesn't get better than this. Hart Professional Series drums feature a hand-hammered chrome snare manufactured to extremely accurate tolerances, patented TE3.2 trigger system, and Kontrol Screen Magnum Heads. Each drum has triple-plate chrome steel rims and heavy-duty removable rubber rim trim (except kick). The Hart Professional Bass Drum offers acoustic drum feel and accepts all single and double pedals (sold separately).

Ecymbal II bronze crash/splash cymbals feature acoustic cymbal feel with full choke function on the crash, custom-blended rubber playing surfaces on 1/3 of the cymbal for stealthy operation which is also removable and user replaceable for those who prefer exact acoustic cymbal feel. Custom cymbal springs mount to cymbal booms to allow exact acoustic cymbal response and movement.

The Epedal II Fully Variable hi-hat controller stand is unmatched for variation between closed/open accuracy, adjustability, and durability. The Hartware Stainless Steel rack system with cast-hardened aluminum clamps is one of the highest quality racks available. All hardware is assembled using rivets for rock-solid operation and longevity—as opposed to industry standard press-fit roll pins, which allow joint slack and eventually fall out. HDI products are handcrafted in the USA with the finest materials available, go through extensive testing and quality control and carry Hart's exclusive Lifetime Guarantee.

Hart Dynamics Professional 5.3 Electronic Drum Set Features:

  • TE3.2 advanced trigger system
  • Hart Professional 13" dual-zone snare drum with position sensing
  • Hand-hammered chrome steel shell
  • Dual-trigger toms and bass drum
  • Heavy-duty rubber rim-trim on all drums for quiet playing
  • Kontrol screen magnum "silent mesh" drumheads
  • (2) 10" toms
  • (1) 12" tom
  • (1) 13" kick
  • Ecymbal II bronze metal cymbals with brilliant finish
  • (play on rubber for stealth or metal for exact acoustic feel)
  • Dual-zone 16" ride with position sensing
  • Ecymbal II 12" crash with choke and brilliant finish
  • Ecymbal II 12" Hi-Hat constructed of bronze metal for enhanced acoustic feel
  • Cymbal springs for crash cymbals and ride
  • Stainless steel rack tubing
  • Cast-hardened aluminum clamps
  • Riveted hardware
  • Heavy-duty snare stand included
  • Epedal II hi-hat stand included
  • Includes all cables
  • Module mount for all modules included
  • Bass drum pedal and module sold separately

Solid build quality and extremely accurate triggering add up to one of the best electronic drum values anywhere.

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