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At on December 01, 2010.

Rooms, halls, plates, springs and non-linear FX are all here. In this hi-quality Reverb unit.

The VariVerb Pro is an internal VST effect device. This reverb unit creates classic and modern artificial reverb effects such as room, plate, spring, and nonlinear reverb based on algorithmic calculation, i.e. without using impulse responses.

With VariVerb Pro (VARIable reVERB), Samplitude offers a virtual effect device with premium echo algorithms in order to give your recordings spaciousness and depth. In contrast to the Samplitude room simulator, the produced reverb effect is not based on impulse responses, but rather 'traditionally' calculates on the basis of complex reflection patterns and different software models.

The advantage of algorithmic reverbs such as the VariVerb consists of their ability to influence various parameters and individually design the impressions of space. In addition, some effects (for example, modulations) cannot be realized with convoluted reverb in a way that justifies the existence of algorithmic processes. Especially sound hue functions of this common reverb creation process represent an interesting aesthetical potential.

The algorithms in VariVerb pro specialized in a specific type of "room creation" can be selected from the model list on display:

Room A: small to mid-sized space, dampening of lower frequencies, direct address, high density/diffusion typical for small spaces

Room B: Space similar to A, softer lows dampening, different reflection pattern, longer address

Hall A: large hall, slowly building-up reverb, lower density than the 'rooms'

Hall B: similar to hall A, but with later response, somewhat 'colder' sound

Plate A: classic hall plate, high diffusion, very 'dark' and 'heavy' address, slight panorama effect

Plate B: hall plate similar to A, but having lighter characteristics, more direct address, more distinct resonancies

NonLin Gate: non-linear hall, no sustain but rather an abrupt end (classic 'gated reverb' effect)

NonLin Reverse: hall a reverse amplitude progression, sound impression of being 'played backwards'

Spring A: model of a hall spiral with two coupled feather systems, typical echo effects and movement noises

Spring B: similar to spring A, but 'softer' swing behavior.

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