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Add chorus/flanger, delay, and filter effects to your DAW.

The Magix Samplitude Vintage Effects Suite enhances the repertoire of Samplitude music production software with a chorus/flanger, delay, filter and echo effect plug-in. Corvex, Ecox and Filtox effects plug-ins are each based on the same basic handling principle: a modulator (LFO) controls almost all knobs accessible via the "frontplate" as required.

The Variverb offers many preset echo programs, which are available for further editing in the expert mode. The de-esser removes the "s" sounds. Corvex creates the typical "floating" soundscape, known from guitar sounds or synth surfaces. The virtual effects can add acoustic 'depth' to an instrument to add more power to the sound or to create the illusion that it exists multiple times.

The chorus sound is created when the Magix Doppler effect is used. It causes signal delay of the effect section. For most equipment, this delay plug-in is within the range of 10-30 ms (as in this one), short enough to be perceived as an "echo".

The Flange effect is similar to the chorus: A very short delay of the second signal, deletions in the frequency spectrum come about, and the so-called comb filter effect is created. The virtual flanging effect is basically a chorus effect, which has a low delay time (below 10 ms). The "separation" or doubling of signals is not in the foreground, but is a creative deformation of the frequency response.

Ecox can reproduce typical band echo sounds particularly well, including the system-dependent tracking fluctuations and loss of highs during each feedback.

Feedback as well as Corvex have a two-band filter, which can produce low, high or mid-tone repetitions, depending on the settings. A special property of Ecox is that it cannot digitally overmodulate delay. Even in case of an 'endless' repetition, the signal is not uncontrollably distorted, but increasingly compressed and stretched like a band.

Filtox is, like Corvex and Ecox, a 'modulation effect,' only the frequency response from one modulation source is controlled.

Possible areas to use these virtual effects would be for synthesizer sounds (filter sweeps on pads) or creative distortions of drum loops (e.g. for variations, fills, etc). In case of guitars, typical 'wah' effects may be created, whether using tempo modulation or modulation via an envelope.

The 'core' of Filtox is a stereo multimode filter based on an analog model (Chamberlin -2-pole filter), which, for example, is known as an 'Oberheim' filter. In Filtox, two such module are cascaded per channel in order to achieve a 24-dB slew rate.

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