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Professional recording and editing tools paired with innovative functionality.

The Sequoia software draws upon years of cooperation with experienced producers and sound engineers to tackle every challenge faced by modern professional recording studios. Besides a wide array of proven recording and editing tools, Magix Sequoia also offers outstanding editing and crossfade functionality. The production software also includes intuitive source/destination cutting, excellent marker setup, and an efficient realtime crossfade editor.

Sequoia needs no special Digital Signal Processor or audio hardware and works natively on host CPUs. The program can run on a laptop just as well as it does on a PC plugged into the studio, meaning you can transfer your projects to mobile workstations—or anywhere else, for that matter. You remain completely independent until the project is completed while enjoying those possibilities normally only offered by a fully equipped studio: multitrack recording, professional cutting, high-end effects (such as the real-time space simulator or sound restoration tools), a complete digital mixer, real-time CD/DVD burning functionality, and much, much more.

Sequoia was designed for the requirements of modern, effective collaboration. Within a network, multiple users can work simultaneously with the software. The integrated administration functions permit the assignment of individual rights of access and program configurations.

For years, Sequoia has been an integral part of leading broadcast and mastering studios worldwide, including the BBC, German public broadcasters WDR and MDR, Radio Bremen, the Viennese Symphonic Library, and Sterling Sound in New York. For sound engineers, music producers, radio journalists, or cutters, Sequoia is an indispensable tool for any type of professional media production. Registered users enjoy professional service, customer-oriented support, an exclusive forum, and free support.

Complete solution

Magix Sequoia offers everything a digital audio workstation requires—Recording, mixing, editing, mastering. In fact, everything up to and including the burning of manufactured Red-Book-compatible audio CDs and DVDs. You can, of course, also carry out DVD productions in the standard 24-bit with up to 192 kHz. The feature set allows complete in-the-box work, from composing with MIDI and VSTi to the final CD/DVD with one software package:

•Low-latency audio engine
•VST and DirectX plug-ins
•Automatic latency compensation in the complete signal flow
•External remote control
•Realtime room simulator with convolution

Unique object-oriented editing

As an enhancement to the traditional concept of mixer-supported editing of complete tracks, all versions offer countless possibilities for direct real-time sample editing. Recorded audio tracks can thus be cut into as many objects as you wish.

Every object can be edited with individual fades and effects, such as equalizing, timestretching, pitchshifting, or using plug-ins. Sequoia also offers Aux-Sends on the object level, the well-known LinearPhase mastering effects, and a widely variable signal flow.

First-class effect setups

From mixing to mastering, Sequoia meets all your production needs:
•Award-winning equalizers
•Various dynamic processors
•Reverb and delay
Plus high-end mastering effects:
•Multi-tape compressor
•Multi-band stereo enhancer
•FFT filter with over 30,000 bands
•Amp Simulator
•Room simulator with folding principle
•Denoiser (utilizing the noiseprint method) and
•Dehisser for real-time noise reduction

Further features: improved solo effects, unlimited routable buses and Aux-send buses, VST and DirectX plug-in support, flexible routing of all integrated and plug-in object effects, and mixer channel effects.

Burning CDs and DVDs

It couldn't be easier: burn Red-Book-compatible audio CDs and DVDs on-the-fly from the arrangement without having to take any destructive intermediary steps. The continuously updated support makes sure that even the latest models burn perfectly with the Magix Sequoia software.

Magix Sequoia Features:

  • 999 tracks
  • 256 I/O limit
  • Sample rate limit: 284 kHz
  • Plug-ins per insert: 64
  • Submix-/Aux-Buses: 64/64

Use the tools audio professionals have leaned on for years. Order your copy of Sequoia today!

Magix Sequoia Specifications:

  • CPU speed: 1.5 GHz
  • 256 MB RAM for Windows 2000, 512 MB RAM for Windows XP, 1 GB RAM recommended.
  • Compete studio: P4/Athlon 2.4+ GHz
  • 1 GB free space on system drive for complete installation and help system, sufficient space on audio disc for digital recording (10 MB per minute in CD quality (16-bit, 44.1 kHz).
  • VGA graphics card, minimum resolution 1024 x 768, 16-bit high color
  • Windows/ASIO compatible 16-bit or 24-bit sound card, digital audio card or multi I/O card.
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • Optional: Burn CD/DVDs with CD/DVD recorder

    For Microsoft Windows Vista/XP/2000

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