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Click here to buy Marshall MA100H and MA412 Full Stack by Marshall.

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At on December 01, 2010.

100W of pure, colorful, dynamic, unmistakable Marshall tube tone.

From Marshall, the king of British tube sound, comes this amazing full stack kit, packaged together for raw, powerful Marshall rock tone. The kit includes the Marshall MA Series MA100H 100W tube guitar amp head and two MA412 guitar speaker cabinets making it an outstanding full stack with Marshall's legendary tone and power.

Marshall MA Series MA100H 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head
Marshall has always sought to provide outstanding tone to guitarists of every budget, and with the MA Series, all-tube Marshall tone is now more affordable than ever. The MA100H 100W tube head was carefully designed by Marshall's R&D team using the same basic principles as all Marshall amps to deliver colorful, dynamic, unmistakable Marshall tube tone in a road-ready package.

Attractive Looks
The aesthetics of the Marshall MA100H head have been specially designed to create a look that stands apart from most other Marshall amps, while still retaining the essence of what people have become familiar with for over 45 years. Two orange LEDs illuminate the interior of the unit, highlighting the power tubes. This effect is visible through the fret cloth where the trusty white script logo is mounted onto a solid piece of transparent Perspex.

Tube Power And Tone Simply Executed
The Marshall MA100H amp head is powered using the traditional Marshall mainstays of ECC83 double triode tubes in the preamp, and EL34 pentode tubes in the power amp. The layout and controls are kept simple, allowing you to explore unhindered the full potential of the all-tube tone within. The MA100H has separate EQ stages for both the Clean and Overdrive channels so you can optimally adjust each one without compromising the other. An extra benefit has been provided in the form of a tube-driven Boost function on the OD channel giving you, for example, a solo boost with more volume and gain. The Marshall amp also contains a spring reverb for use with all channels within the amp.

Intuitive And Practical
This Marshall amp head was designed with the flexible control demanded by today's players in mind, but with a streamlined feature set to keep it cost effective. Whether in your own home or gigging, setting up the sounds and relative levels on the Marshall MA100H is very easy. The supplied footswitch assists live performance letting you toggle between settings like Clean to Overdrive, Clean to Boosted Overdrive, and Overdrive to Boosted Overdrive, ensuring maximum versatility.

Even though the Marshall MA range is designed as a no-frills, all-tube guitar amplifier, Marshall included a couple of extra features that allow for even more versatility. In addition to the all-tube preamp and power amp tone, MA amplifiers are equipped with an onboard spring reverb tank for an extra dimension to your sound. With the front-panel level control you can easily dial in how much you need for your own taste. All Marshall MA amplifiers are also equipped with a serial external effects loop for guitarists who want to add effects units into their sound. The nominal level of -10dBV is suited to stompboxes primarily, but not exclusively.

Marshall MA Series MA412 Slanted and Straight Guitar Speaker Cabinet
The Marshall MA412 slanted and straight guitar speaker cabinets were specially designed to complement the unmistakable Marshall tone of the affordable all-tube amp heads from the MA series. Each speaker cab is loaded with four 12" Eminence AX-75 speakers.

Marshall MA100H and MA412 Full Stack Features:

  • Marshall MA Series MA100H 100W tube guitar amp head:
  • 100W of all-tube Marshall tone
  • 2 channels
  • 3 ECC83 preamp tubes
  • 4 EL34 power tubes
  • Independent volume and 3-band EQ controls per channel
  • Gain, Crunch, and Balance controls on OD channel
  • Master Presence, Resonance, Reverb controls
  • Spring reverb
  • Serial effects loop
  • Footswitch included

    Marshall MA Series MA412 guitar speaker cabinets:
  • Perfect complement to MA Series heads
  • 4 - 12" Eminence AX-75 speakers/cabinet

It's never been more affordable to add all-tube Marshall tone to your rig. Make this Marshall full stack yours today!

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