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At on December 01, 2010.

Mulitracked one-kit drum library with over 80,000 stereo samples and powered by KONTAKT Player 2.

Painstakingly sampled by multiple Grammy Award-winning engineer Tobias Lehmann at Teldexstudio Berlin, Germany's largest independent recording studio, the Mixosaurus Kit A is a 122GB drum sample library offering incredibly high fidelity and amazing detail. Powered by KONTAKT Player 2 (included) and Mac/PC-compatible with support for VST, AU, DXi, and RTAS formats, Mixosaurus Kit A Internal Version comes pre-installed on its own internal hard drive, ready for you to plug-in,start using the drum samples, and make incredible tracks within minutes.

A Mixosaurus Drumset is a KONTAKT Player 2 Multi consisting of up to 64 Drum & Cymbal patches. Each patch has its own controls for mic levels, filter, dynamics, envelope, and distortion (among others), and routes its multichannel audio to the various internal Output Busses. A multichannel instance will play the Output Busses through individual plug-in outputs. A stereo instance will sum all the Busses to the plug-in's stereo L/R outputs. Each Bus offers four insert slots for KONTAKT Player 2's internal effects algorithms (including Convolution Reverb). Effectively, this enables you to do DAW-style mixing even in a stereo instance, or to make quick adjustments when your multichannel DAW mix already is highly automated and you'd rather not edit the automation.

Led by longtime professional drummer and engineer Uwe Llietzow, the company behind Mixosaurus Kit A wanted to ensure musical expression and versatility came first. They believe that your music will benefit more from one totally playable and programmable drumset with serious mixing options, than from a multitude of kits comprising the all-too-standard set of limited articulations. One listen to a track created with Mixosaurus drums, and your concept of what a sampled drum kit sounds like will change forever.

The sample collection is fully compatible with multiple VI formats, including Addictive Drums, BFD, DFH, EZ Drummer, and General MIDI, plus Roland, Yamaha, and other E-Drum kits. Works on Mac/PC.

Mixosaurus Kit A Drum Library - Internal Version Features:

  • 122GB of samples
  • More than 80.000 stereo samples, all with true 24-bit resolution throughout the entire production process
  • 14-piece acoustic drumkit multitracked on 20 mic tracks with an unprecedented variety of articulations
  • Full user-access to individual tracks and mix parameters
  • Pre-installed on internal harddrive
  • Native Instruments KONTAKT Player 2 included
  • 100% authentic reproduction of drumset dynamics
  • Fully playable live with Roland, Yamaha, and other electronic drum kits at very low latency settings
  • 7 alternating samples available for each and every sound throughout the entire library
  • 3 completely different overhead mic setups and 2 different hi-hat mic setups to choose from
  • Fully compatible with AddictiveDrums, BFD, DFH, EZDrummer and General MIDI tracks—no editing needed
  • Stereo Teldex reverb chamber tracks; dial in real, high-end reverb with one fader movement
  • Unique set of dynamics, filter, distortion, and envelope controls for each drum and cymbal
  • Patterns, grooves, and example songs included

Take care of all your virtual drumming needs with this ultracomprehensive kit!

Mixosaurus Kit A Drum Library - Internal Version Specifications:

  • System Requirements
  • Mac: OS 10.4 or later, G4 / G5 / Intel Core Duo CPU, 1.4 GHz or faster, 2GB RAM (more recommended)

    Windows: Vista (32bit) / XP SP2, Pentium IV / Athlon CPU, 1.4 GHz or faster, 2 GB RAM (more recommended)

    A free internal SATA 3.5" drive slot

    Internet access required for software authorization

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