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Click here to buy Novation Super Nova FX Plug-In Suite by Novation.

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At on December 02, 2010.

5 sound-sculpting FX plug-ins inspired by Novation's heritage, including the SuperNova II.

The Super Nova FX Plug-in Suite provides five key effects from Novation's illustrious synth heritage, including signature effects derived from the legendary SuperNova II. The five independent VST/AU plug-ins include Chorus, Delay, Tremolo, Phaser and the famously flexible, powerful filter, which features overdrive. Each and every one of these software plug-ins offers a significant upgrade from standard sequencer effects and will add musicality to every production project.

The Novation filter plug-in is perhaps the most sought-after effect of the five included in the Super Nova FX Suite. Modeled on the filter section of the Supernova II, this powerful effect has an array of features and a unique sound that sets it apart from other filters on the market. An audio-triggered envelope alongside five different filter types, three different octave slopes, and a crunchy overdrive dial, allow this filter to deliver a wide variety of dynamic filter modulation effects. Of all the filter types, the dual peak filter is a rarity in this day and age, but capable of delivering that signature "WOW" sound found in many modern dance remixes. The filter also features a Q-Norm dial—a resonance normalizer that reduces the signal level in relation to the resonance level. It's ideal for mimicking classic filters like those found on Moog and Oberheim synthesizers, or the Roland TB303.

The Novation Delay plug-in is an enhanced version of the Supernova II delay and an essential for any producer's arsenal. The delay can be used to bring an edge to guitars or to provide a slap-back delay for vocals. However, with the addition of a high- and low-pass in-line filter, it can also deliver funky dub-style effects or a quasi-tape echo. The various stereo modes offer yet more creative flexibility.

The Tremolo plug-in has never been seen before as a dedicated Novation effect. It is based on the panning section of the Supernova II synth. Depth and speed controls sit alongside a Phase control that brings another dimension to this effect, helping to produce fully variable auto-pan stereo spatial effects. Finally, the Chorus and Phaser effects directly model the same effects featured on the award-winning, industry-changing Novation K- Station synthesizer.

The Novation FX Plug-in Suite brings quality digital signal processing to a new level of affordability, placing sound-sculpting flexibility and professional solutions within reach of producers on even the tightest of budgets.

Novation Super Nova FX Plug-In Suite Features:

  • 5 independent VSTi/AU plug-ins
  • 3 based on those found on the legendary SuperNova II, including:
  • Filter with audio-triggered envelope, 5 filter types, 3 octave slopes, and a crunchy overdrive dial
  • Enhanced delay with with high- and low-pass in-line filter for funky dub-style effects or a quasi-tape echo, and various stereo mode
  • Tremolo with depth, speed and phase controls which help produce fully variable auto-pan stereo spatial effects

    Other two are Chorus and phaser effects directly modeled after those on the Novation K-Station synthesizer

This suite deal is too good to pass up. Order your copy today and hear the difference in your mix.

Novation Super Nova FX Plug-In Suite Specifications:

  • System Requirements
  • Mac OS:
  • Power PC G4/G5 or Intel Mac
  • Mac OS 10.4.11 or higher
  • 512 MB RAM
  • XVGA [High Color 1024x768]

  • Windows XP or Vista (All Versions)
  • Pentium III 600 MHz CPU or faster
  • 512 MB RAM
  • XVGA [High Color 1024x768]

    Supported Formats
  • Windows: VST
  • Mac OS: VST, Audio Unit

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