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Click here to buy Randall T2 Series T2C 100W 1x12 Guitar Amp Combo by Randall.

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At on December 02, 2010.

This powerful, portable 100W combo houses two channels, tube preamp, tube/Mosfet hybrid power, all driving a Celestion Hot 100 speaker for searing guitar tone.

Randall's T2C 100W 1x12 guitar amp combo from the T2 Series is a 2-channel 1x12" all-tube combo with 3 modes: Clean, Overdrive, and Boost. The 3-band EQ features sweep-able midrange control. The "Valve-Dynamic" Tube/Mosfet hybrid power section includes power amp density and presence controls. The Randall amp has an effects loop, and an RF4T2 MIDI foot controller for handsfree control.

Designed with a simple straight-ahead front panel layout, the Randall T2C guitar amp combo has a shorter signal path that produces an extremely powerful, punishing tone. A true 3-mode amplifier, the Randall T2C combo provides an extremely wide range of tones to fit any playing style while seriously catering to those who hunger for gain.

Celestion G12T 'Hot 100' speaker
With a massive 100W power rating, this guitar speaker sits perfectly in high-power or hybrid amplifiers. It voices a modern sound with a big bass presence.

Randall T2 Series T2C 100W 1x12 Guitar Amp Combo Features:

  • Preamp channels: 2 Channel/3 Mode All Tube
  • Mode 1: Classic Tube Clean
  • Mode 2: Classic Tube Overdrive
  • Mode 3: Modern Tube Boost
  • Tubes: three ECC83S
  • EQ controls: Bass, Middle, Sweep, and Treble
  • Master controls: Volume, Presence, Density
  • Power amp: "Valve Dynamic" Tube/Mosfet; Single Tube: 12AT7
  • Power output: 100 Watts @ 4ohm; 75 Watts @ 8ohm
  • Speaker: 1 x 12" Celestion Hot 100
  • MIDI in/thru
  • Assignable series/parallel EFX loop
  • Slave output with level
  • "Mic Eliminator" XLR output
  • World voltage selector
  • RF4T2 MIDI Footswitch

Choose a Randall amp for powerful sound and seering tones. Own it today!

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