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Features: 10.00
Quality: 9.00
Value: 10.00
Overall: 10.00
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At on December 02, 2010.

A visually striking drum with a sound personality all its own.

Remo Klong Yao drum shells are made of Remo's exclusive Acousticon, and come with weather-resistant, durable, easy-to-maintain TYPE 2 Fiberskyn 3 synthetic drumheads. These innovative materials result in a drum that's light, durable and a lot of fun to play. While drawing upon the traditional body style, the drumheads are pitched in the high range, as opposed to the more traditional low range. This creates a drum that produces a high open tones and slaps, but still delivers full deep bass tones. Klong Yao are rope-tuned in the traditional manner and the unique fabric finishes make them very attractive drums.

History Klong Yao means "long drum" in the Thai language, and it is an apt description. The goblet shape of the drum is similar to the African Djembe but with a much longer bottom portion. This deepens the bass tone of the instrument. A removable small round patch of over-cooked rice paste and charcoal is applied to the head to further deepen the tone for performance. In the Thai tradition, the drum body is made of wood, and the single drumhead is made of animal skin. The head is tightened by means of thin cord, or string. They have been an important part of festivals, celebrations and the religious music in Buddhist temples for generations.

Few drums have the dynamic impact of the Klong Yao and nothing else looks like it. Order now.

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