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Click here to buy Rivera K120TRE Knucklehead Tre 120W Tube Guitar Amp Head with Reverb by Rivera.

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At on December 02, 2010.

High gain, low noise, extreme control, sweet reverb.

The K120TRE Knucklehead Tre features outrageous amounts of gain - more than any Rivera amps before it - without losing any of the legendary note definition. Along with sustain for years comes a massive bottom end, totally controllable with the Patent Pending Foundation control.

Knucklehead K Tre amp head also features a clean channel topology with tremendous headroom, for a stunning amount of rhythm dynamic range.

It's the Knucklehead to the power of Tre!

Redesigned: high gain, powerful, unlimited sustain, massive bottom end, gigantic headroom for rhythm, assignable effects Loop, amazing Foundation control, assignable and footswitchable Reverb control, distortion with definition and edge, highs without harshness but with full body, and low noise.

Rivera Amplification unleashes the latest in the illustrious Knucklehead series of amplifier tops, the Knucklehead Tre!

Rivera K120TRE Knucklehead Tre 120W Tube Guitar Amp Head with Reverb Features:

  • High Gain
  • Powerful, unlimited sustain
  • Massive bottom end
  • Gigantic headroom for rhythm
  • Assignable Effects Loop
  • Amazing Foundation control
  • Distortion with definition and edge
  • Highs without harshness but with full body
  • Low noise

Get the power and features you need to make your mark - call or click now to order.

Rivera K120TRE Knucklehead Tre 120W Tube Guitar Amp Head with Reverb Specifications:

  • 120 Watts RMS of luscious EL-34 Tube power
  • 2 Independent Channels powered by 5 12AX7 Tubes
  • 3 band passive interactive tone controls on each channel
  • Most high gain lead channel Rivera has ever offered, sustain for years, packed with thunderous bottom end-totally controllable with patent pending Foundation control
  • Clean Channel with massive headroom and dynamic range
  • Totally adjustable serial effects loop with hard wire bypass and footswitchable
  • Rugged Rivera construction, with military and audiophile grade components, oversize transformers, and most of all, built to last
  • 4 function footswitch included
  • Switchable and assignable accutronics spring reverb
  • Dimensions (head version) 10-3/4"h (with feet), 10"d, 24-3/4"w

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