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Seymour Duncan
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At on December 02, 2010.

A full-size humbucker that splits to either a full-size P-90, or a special Alnico-powered single-coil Rail pickup.

Until now, if you wanted humbucker, P-90, and vintage Strat tones, you'd have to haul three guitars to the gig. But that was before the Seymour Duncan SHPR-1 P-Rails pickups. P-Rails feature a ground breaking, patent pending design that allows a full-size humbucker to split to either a real deal P-90 or a traditional single-coil. Perfect for a wide variety of styles including country, pop, surf, jazz, blues, classic rock, and heavy rock.

The humbucker sound is full and expansive, owing to the mismatched coil configuration. The P-90 is a super fat. And the Rail coils, when used together, sound like the 2 and 4 "in-between" positions in a great Strat.

These Seymour Duncan pickups can be used in any guitar set up for a traditional humbucker or Trembucker. A single P-Rail will bring added dimension to your guitar sound. However, to optimize P-Rails' unique splitting capabilities and get the best single-coil Rails tones, use a neck and bridge set.

To get both humbucker and P-90 tones, use a two-way switch (push-pull or mini-toggle). To have humbucker and P-90 tones and bring in the added dimension of the single-coil Rail, use a three-way switch (DPDT on-off-on).

Seymour Duncan SHPR-1n P-Rails - Neck Pickup Features:

  • Full-size humbucker
  • Patent pending design
  • Perfect for a wide variety of styles
  • Three distinct modes
    • Humbucker
    • P-90
    • Single-coil

Get the most versatile pickup made!

Seymour Duncan SHPR-1n P-Rails - Neck Pickup Specifications:

  • Magnet: two Alnico V bars
  • Cable: 4-conductor

    Mode: Humbucking:
  • DC Resistance: 12.87k ohms
  • Resonant Peak: 4.6KHz

    Mode: P-90
  • DC Resistance: 7.25k ohms
  • Resonant Peak: 3.6KHz

    Mode: Single-coil
  • DC Resistance: 5.60k ohms
  • Resonant Peak: 7.0KHz

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