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Click here to buy Shaker Crystal 1/4 Harmonica Microphone by Shaker.

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Specifically for harps players who swear by the vintage crystal element sound.

The Shaker Crystal is Shaker's original harmonica microphone. Born in 1992, the Crystal Shaker Microphone's voice is accurate and clear with traditional crystal breakup and tremendous presence. A Hi-Z (high output impedance) microphone the Shaker Crystal breaks up with true ice-pick-in-the-ear crystal distortion characteristics when pushed hard.

The Crystal harmonica mic has more of an accurate sound and less tonal coloration than Shaker's Dynamic mics. Some call it cleaner, Shaker says it has more acoustic clarity. When you need to cut through a thick rhythm section, this harp mic has the in-your-face presence and crystal edge to get the job done. This Shaker harmonica mic also has fantastic feedback rejection and is housed in the same indestructible thermal resin casing as Shaker's Dyno mic, so it's just as ergonomic and as easy to hold.

Shaker Harmonica Microphones are part of a complex music-making system, one that includes the harmonica, the player's hands, the microphone, the amp, and the player's personal techniques. Traditional methods of measuring response and behavior become pretty much irrelevant because Shaker's don't fit strictly into the established categories of polar patterns. By utilizing a sampling of the harmonica's sound and directing it through acoustic ports into a volume-tuned chamber, Shaker mics become, in essence, miniature hand-held recording studios. This is known as Shaker GNS technology, or good noise sampling, resulting in great tone, extreme technique sensitivity, and tremendous feedback. Designed and engineered by Shakey Joe, these mics are totally handmade in the US and utilize as many American-made parts as possible, making Shaker microphones the real deal. Made in the Arizona desert by harp players, for harp players.

Shaker Crystal 1/4" Harmonica Microphone Features:

  • Crystal element
  • Output: 1/4"
  • Volume control with 11 micro detents for reference
  • Housed in an indestructible thermal resin casing

Get the sound you're seeking from your harmonica with this ergonomic, hand-held crystal mic.

Shaker Crystal 1/4" Harmonica Microphone Specifications:

  • Impedance: 500 ohm
  • Sensitivity: -65
  • Frequency range: 30 - 11,000 Hz

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