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Click here to buy Slappa HardBody PRO 160 CD Case by Slappa.

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At on December 02, 2010.

Ultradurable shell, velvet-lined interior, and extra-wide pockets.

The 160 PRO cd storage case is ideal for 80 discs and 80 covers or 160 discs (if covers are not stored). Each case comes equipped with a Heavy Duty 8-Rivet carry handle, stress tested to 70 lbs, and 2 industrial strength zippers with molded rubber zipper pullers.

The exterior is built on a molded Duro-Shock xEVA HardBody shell with a velvet lined interior. Duro-Shock xEVA is the base material used for the shells of the HardBody PRO media storage cases. Slappa uses a very heavy gauge of xEVA on their cases. xEVA provides your discs with excellent protection from drops, bumps, heat, and water. 3rd party product review companies have gone so far as to set the Slappa cases on fire and have shown xEVA to protect your compact discs under such extreme conditions. xEVA, while rugged, is not rigid and will not crack (like plastic) or bend (like cardboard cases). xEVA is extremely lightweight and is laminated with high-quality upper materials including rubberized PVC and SLAPPA's z-suede.

Extra-wide d2 pockets for disc and disc cover storage not only save tons of space compared to traditional jewel, they also make it easy to find the disc you're looking for with the disc cover artwork boldly displayed in the front pocket. d2 pockets are Slappa's patented layered pocket system that allow you to ditch your jewel cases and store your discs + disc covers (liner notes) in 2 separate, dedicated pockets. The first pocket is a soft, felt pocket designed to store and protect your CDs from scratches and dust. The second pocket (located directly in front of the soft pocket) is a clear window, to store and view your disc covers. Slappa uses a special polypropylene plastic that will not stick to your discs and damage them. All d2 pockets in the PRO 160 case are hand-stitched, not heat-sealed (or high-frequency welded) like most CD storage pockets. This means they will not separate with use, as many CD storage pockets will do.

Each Slappa CD case ships with 2 spine labels and a disc cleaning cloth.

Slappa HardBody PRO 160 CD Case Features:

  • Molded Duro-Shock xEVA HardBody shell with rubberized PVC finish
  • Patented d2 pockets store discs & covers; fully stitched, not heat-sealed
  • Polypropylene windows on d2 pockets will not stick to or damage discs
  • Heavy Duty 8-rivet carry handle, stress-tested to 70 lbs
  • Industrial strength zippers with 2 molded rubber zipper pullers
  • Velvet lined interior
  • Cargo net on inside cover
  • Spine windows for disc cataloging
  • Spine labels
  • Disc cleaning cloth
  • Ideal for 80 discs and 80 covers or 160 discs (if covers are not stored)

Get the pro case today and Slappa your discs in securely.

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