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TC Helicon
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Here's your quartet of backup singers and a huge palette of vocal effects, ready to do your bidding in real time, onstage!.

With the TC Helicon VoiceTone Double Overdubbing Pedal you can now afford high-quality vocal processing that starts at the stage and is exclusively under your control. The VoiceTone Double is a vocal pedal that creates up to 4 humanized overdubs - live! The pitch and timing of these overdubbed vocals can be tight and intimate or loose and lively.

10 professional authored effects banks offer a slightly different take on the various natural and effected doubling sounds with 3 patches. Includes pristine emulations of classic microshift, chorus, and detune. With a simple push of a button you can switch from such effects as 2 Voices, 4 Voices, Mod, Overdub+Mod, 1 Octave, Group Octave, Subtle, Effected, Showcase, and even Rap. TC Helicon VoiceTone Double gives singers creative control of the pitch, timing and levels of each patch.

During performance, you can toggle between 2 patches with Part A and B switches. Easy to connect and use, the VoiceTone Double Overdubbing pedal comes with mic level XLR I/O in stereo and mono, which provide a wide input range for dynamic mics and extra hot condenser microphones. The clean studio-quality mic preamp includes phantom power. Simply by plugging in a microphone, you can easily produce a combination of natural and effected doubling that finally makes live vocals sound like a CD.

Each pedal in the TC Helicon VoiceTone line has a unique purpose, yet they complement each other perfectly. Their studio-quality sound, ready-for-action construction, and unobtrusive size let you carry VoiceTone pedals with your favorite mic to the gig, whether it's a club or a concert hall. And operation couldn't be easier. You'll get the sound you want in seconds, instantly boosting your performance the very first night you use a TC Helicon VoiceTone pedal. Up till now, only the most successful singers have taken their producer, live engineer, back-up singers, and vocal coach on the road, but now it's your turn to bring your vocal posse with you and ensure that your message, and, more importantly, your sound, is heard.

The quality of the VoiceTone design is apparent in its studio-caliber audio algorithms, transparent converters, and fastidious analog audio design, which lead to a smooth sound that makes you sound your best. Because of its sturdy construction the TC Helicon VoiceTone Double Overdubbing Pedal will stand up to any rough treatment you give it onstage or in the rehearsal room.

TC Helicon VoiceTone Double Overdubbing Pedal Features:

  • XLR I/O
  • Creates up to four virtual overdubs of a performer's voice in realtime
  • 10 doubling banks with 3 patches each
  • Uses advanced Inflection and FlexTime blocks to create a multitracked overdub sound
  • Additional effects include emulations of classic microshift, chorus, and detune
  • Get creative and control the pitch, timing and levels of each patch
  • Access two customized patches during performance with A/B parts
  • XLR Mic level I/O in stereo and mono
  • Clean, studio quality mic preamp with phantom power
  • Sturdy construction

There's no need to worry about the expenses of backups singer when this overdub footpedal makes them for you. Order one today!

TC Helicon VoiceTone Double Overdubbing Pedal Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 5"(W) x 5.25"(H) x 1.5"(D)
  • Weight: 1.5 lb.

    Analog inputs
  • Connectors: Balanced XLR
  • Input Impedance: 1 kOhm
  • Mic Input Sensitivity at 0dBFS: -44dBu to +2dBu
  • Mic Input Sensitivity at 12dB headroom: -56dBu to -10dBu
  • EIN: -128dBu at max. mic amp gain, Rg = 150 ohm

    Analog Outputs
  • Connectors: Balanced XLR
  • Output Impedance: 40ohm
  • Output Level at 0dBFS: +2dBu

    Input to Output Analog Audio Performance
  • Dynamic Range, Mic. at Min gain >108dB, 20Hz - 20kHz (A-weighted)
  • Dynamic Range, Mic. at -18dBu sensitivity: > 104dB, 20hz — 20kHz (A-weighted)
  • THD+ Noise, Mic. at Min gain: <-90dB
  • Frequency Response, max gain: -1.5dB at 40Hz, +0/-0.3 dB (200Hz to 20kHz)

    Conversion Characteristics
  • Sample Rate: 48kHz
  • Converter: AKM AK4620B
  • A-to-D/D-to-A conversion: 24-bit, 128x oversampling bitstream
  • A-to-D delay: 0.65 ms
  • D-to-A delay: 0.63 ms
  • EMC Complies with: EN 55103-1 and EN 55103-2 FCC part 15, Class B, CISPR 22, Class B

  • Certified to: IEC 65, EN 60065, UL6500 and CSA E60065 CSA FILE #LR108093

  • Operating Temperature: 32° F to 122° F (0° C to 50° C)
  • Storage Temperature: -22° F to 167° F (-30° C to 70° C)
  • Humidity: Max. 90 % non-condensing

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