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Click here to buy T-Rex Room-Mate Tube Reverb Guitar Pedal by T-Rex.
Features: 6.00
Quality: 7.00
Value: 6.00
Overall: 6.33
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At on December 02, 2010.

Tube-driven pedal delivers high-quality, warm-sounding reverb sounds just like your favorite records.

The RoomMate is a sweet-sounding reverb pedal. Four guitar reverb presets are only the start of the rich, warm sound that this box delivers. A built-in 300-volt power supply takes the whole effect to the next level, powering a T-Rex tube that adds voluminous, earthy warmth to incredible detail and spacious true stereo.

Mix, high cut, and stereo out
To shape your sound further, the RoomMate features a mix control and a high cut knob for increasing definition or backing off on the highs, vintage style. And there is naturally a stereo out for the studio or stereo live situations.

Four signature sounds
Room-Mate's mode knob gives you a choice of four signature presets.
1. Classic Plate is everything you want in a vintage medium plate reverb.
2. Warm Hall gives you a bigger sound with natural warmth.
3. With superb high-end resolution, Bright Hall gives you amazing detail.
4. Chorus with Warm Reverb is a sweet-sounding effect for bringing your acoustic guitar to life on stage.

T-Rex Room-Mate Tube Reverb Guitar Pedal Features:

  • 4 modes
  • T-Rex customized 12 AX7 tube
  • MODE, MIX, LEVEL and HIGH CUT knobs
  • ON/OFF switch
  • 3 jacks (in/true stereo out)
  • 100-240 volt wall wart
  • Lilac color

Authentic tube-driven reverb sounds just like your favorite amps, but with studio-quality sound. Put it in the cart!

T-Rex Room-Mate Tube Reverb Guitar Pedal Specifications:

  • Effect usage: 330 mA

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