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Click here to buy Toontrack EZX Twisted Kit Sample Collection by Toontrack.

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At on December 02, 2010.

Use the magic of rhythm magician Michael Blair to give your compositions some wow factor.

The Toontrack EZX Twisted Kit for the EZdrummer sampler is what you're looking for when you want to march to a different drummer. EZX Twisted features the skills of Michael Blair, the drum and percussion genius behind Tom Waits "Rain Dogs" and "Franks Wild Years" albums, as well Elvis Costello's "Spike" and Lou Reed's "Magic and Loss," among others. Throwing traditional kits and percussive style out the window, Blair is a one-of-a-kind rhythm magician. This collection features off-the-beaten path type sounds mixed in with some quality, more orthodox hits. In other words, you can mix the crisp sound of a Gretsch 1987 maple kick drum with the plink of a hubcap or drawer turned into snares. If you're sonically adventurous, this EZX will give you a trip you're going to enjoy taking.

Toontrack EZX Twisted Kit Sample Collection Features:

  • 1.2GB of non-traditional and traditional drum samples created by Michael Blair (Tom Waits, Lou Reed, Elvis Costello)

    Instruments used:
  • Kick:
  • Gretsch 1987 Maple Dry
  • Gretsch 1987 Maple Hard Mallet
  • Gretsch 1987 Maple Soft Mallet
  • Gretsch 1987 Maple with Gong
  • Gretsch 1987 Maple with Crasher
  • Gretsch 1987 Maple Dry with Splash
  • Ludwig 1965 Super Classic
  • Ludwig 1965 Super Classic with metal pot
  • Chinese Drum
  • Taos Drum

  • Pearl with Small Roto
  • Pearl with Small Roto2
  • Pearl Ambient
  • Butcher Block Deep
  • Butcher Block Hubcap
  • Butcher Block Trash

    Alternative Snare:
  • Drawer
  • Guitar Body
  • Cardboard Box
  • Cardboard Box and Cymbal
  • Bassdrum Case

  • Spoxe Hats
  • Low Boy Hats
  • Tibetan Cymbal Hats

  • Chinese Tom1
  • Chinese Tom2
  • Chinese Tom3
  • Chinese Tom4

  • Crasher Low
  • Crasher High

  • Crasher High
  • Crasher Ride2

    China 1:
  • China Low with Keys
  • China Low2 with Keys

    China 2:
  • China with Chain
  • China2 with Keychain

  • Metal Castanet
  • Metal Tambourine

  • Drumskin & Brush
  • BeanPodShaker
  • Flappers

  • Thai Gong
  • Spoxe
  • Sound Plate

    Cake Pan:
  • CakePan
  • MetalPlate
  • Spoxe
  • ThaiGong

  • Slit Drum
  • Deagan Doorbell
  • Japanese Temple Bowls

  • Pandeiro
  • Tamborim

  • Djembe
  • Bodysounds
  • One Shots
  • Funny Stuff

Try something out of the ordinary and pick up the Twisted Kit for this exceptional price.

Toontrack EZX Twisted Kit Sample Collection Specifications:

  • System Requirements
  • 1.2GB free disc space, 512MB RAM, DVD drive, EZdrummer 1.1 installed

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