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Download an easy way to put all your MIDI eggs, er, clips, in one basket.

Toontrack EZplayer pro is a multitrack software MIDI organizer, arranger, and format conversion tool that allows you to gather all your MIDI clips in one browser. You can use EZplayer pro to preview those MIDI clips and drag-and-drop them directly into your host. The multitrack arranger in EZplayer pro also makes it possible to arrange MIDI clips into fused sequences to either be saved back into the EZplayer pro browser for later use or be dragged into your usual sequencer as part of a composition.

How does it work? Simply connect any track in EZplayer pro to a track in your host pre-assigned to the sampler that you want to use as a sound source using the MIDI OUT function. Once attached to your sampler, building tracks is easy. Using its intuitive built-in arranger, you can audition your MIDI clips in the browser and arrange them on the timeline, on as few or as many tracks as is convenient or required.

Using an intelligent cataloging system, EZplayer pro is also capable of isolating most percussive instruments from your MIDI files, allowing you to re-combine patterns from different grooves to form exciting new beats. Working in conjunction with Toontrack solo and EZdrummer or Superior Drummer, it becomes a standalone workstation for creating MIDI beats independently from your regular sequencer.

EZplayer pro is General MIDI compatible out of the box, and will drive any Toontrack sampler with no further setup. But tracks in its arranger can also be connected to any other sampler instrument in your host software, and therefore be used to audition and organize all your MIDI clips, regardless of where they came from.

Its more specialized features focus on use with percussive samplers. As mentioned above it is capable of translating MIDI files between different drum samplers. To do so, simply select the appropriate mapping from the menu next to the relevant EZplayer pro's track (or browser for audition purposes). Conversely, source material can be identified when incorporated into the browser so that any format can be translated into any other.

Supported sampler mappings include dfh Superior (including Custom & Vintage), EZdrummer, dfh 1&2, Digidesign's Strike, Battery, BFD 1&2, Addictive Drums, Reason Drum kits, and any GM software or hardware sampler, percussive or not.

EZplayer pro comes with a generous amount of percussive MIDI files to get you started. The files are played by Toontrack artists David "Fingers" Haynes and Per Mikaelsson (drummer of the Claustrophobic EZX). You can also add your MIDI folders in the browser by using the Add Path function or drag them straight into the basic browser. Then tell it what mapping format the files are in, and your MIDI files (complete with folder structure) will show upo ready to be auditioned, arranged on the timeline, or dragged into your host.

Toontrack EZplayer Pro Download Features:

  • MIDI engine available as a plug-in from your host that lets you organize and preview all the MIDI on your hard drive with the sampler of your choice
  • Imports your MIDI libraries by using the Add Path menu in the EZplayer pro interface or by dragging the folders into the EZplayer pro window
  • Multitrack arranging capabilities: Sequence, edit, and fuse your MIDI into new arrangements to save back into the EZplayer pro or to drag-and-drop into your host for use in new compositions
  • Works with all major host applications on the market, and with Toontrack solo
  • Supports any GM-compliant software and hardware samplers, as well as virtually all leading drum samplers on the market
  • Supports all common time signatures internally, as well as syncing to host tempo and signature
  • Split percussive MIDI files into kit pieces
  • Combine instrument kit pieces from one file with instruments from another to create new beats
  • Time stretch separate MIDI clips or kit pieces patterns and add accented cues to your beats with the accent tool
  • Adjust velocity, lengths, or transpose single clips or entire tracks to create more dynamics in your grooves
  • Translate MIDI content between all common drum sampler formats on the market
  • Control and trigger sequences live with the MIDI hardware learn functions
  • Record and fuse multi-part arrangements into single MIDI file clips
  • Search and buy MIDI content on the Internet from the third party content providers listed in the interface
  • Standalone workstation for creating MIDI beats when used in conjunction with Toontrack solo and EZdrummer or Superior Drummer
  • MIDI content played by David "Fingers" Haynes and Per Mikaelsson (Claustrophobic EZX) included
  • EZplayer pro is part of the Toontrack Software Tools line and works as a Universal Binary compatible plug-in in RTAS, VST. and AU formats

Why wait for a box. Order the Download today.

Toontrack EZplayer Pro Download Specifications:

  • Windows XP SP3 or newer, 1.8 GHz Pentium 3 or Athlon processor with 512 MB RAM

    Mac OS 10.4.11 or higher, G5 or Intel processor with 512 MB RAM

    Virtual drum sampler or hardware drum machine. Note that these requirements may not meet your virtual drum sampler requirements. Please refer to the relevant users manual.

    VST, AU, and RTAS

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