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Wallander Instruments

A collection of rare saxophone samples including mezzo-sopranos and the C Melody.

Part of Wallander Instruments state-of-the art WIVI virtual sax collections, the Saxaphone 2 instrument library extends the range of the saxophones you get in Saxophones 1 (SKU#580583) with rarer gems like the sopraninos and bass saxophones.

One popular, C melody, mezzo-soprano, and C soprano saxophones dropped from production. These non-transposing instruments virtually disappeared due to the 1929 Wall Street crash and the Great Depression.

Now, thanks to Wallander Instruments and their attention to detail, these hard-to-find saxophones and their unique voices are available again in virtual form. Hidden gems in this collection include the edgy mezzo-soprano, and the C melody—a driving force in the 1920s closely related to today's tenor sax.

The WIVI Player — the music and movie industry's best kept secret.
Wivi is used by artists, composers and producers for everything from radio hits to Hollywood blockbusters. Now you can also enjoy the same expressiveness professionals have had access to for years.

Overcoming fixed velocity levels
A sample player depends on playback of recorded sounds. This is far from optimal, and imposes a number of limitations on your musical performance. Instead of one, or only a few velocity levels to choose from, with WIVI, you have seamless dynamics for all instruments; giving a virtually unlimited amount of velocity levels.

You can also choose to draw your own curves for the dynamics of your music, and WIVI automatically changes the timbre for you — even when you change dynamics in the middle of a note.

Playback optimization
WIVI is capable of running large ensembles of individually modeled instruments — even on a single laptop.

Loading time is virtually nonexistent compared to a sample library, and you will find that jumping between sequencer projects is as easy as switching projects in your word processor or photo-editing software. Since WIVI does not require disk streaming, or heaps of RAM or CPU, you can safely migrate parts of your template to WIVI instruments while your sampler can run at virtually full capacity in the background.

More than just a tool for the keyboard composer
You can play WIVI in real time using a wind controller, just like a real instrument. WIVI it has quickly established itself as the first-choice software for wind controller players, with its beautiful timbre, tongued note-action and blazing-fast response.

By using WIVI with a breath or wind controller, you can learn to play hundreds of acoustic and experimental wind instruments. Why stay in the studio, when you can rehearse at the concert hall?
With WIVI you have multiple environments to mix your instruments in — each room with its own unique acoustic properties.

WIVI brings a true live experience to your digital studio, with a unique graphical positioning system; where you can walk around the room and listen to the sound from any position.

WIVI automatically calculates proper acoustic properties for all your instruments, one-by-one. Every instrument gets its own unique sound, perfectly balanced and positioned in the mix.

Create new, expressive synthetic instruments, arpeggios and multi-layered patches
Because all instruments in WIVI are based on the sound of real orchestral instruments, even experimental patches get a natural dynamic response and expressiveness, with unlimited velocity layers and without the use of filters.

Template Power
The most powerful way of creating new synthetic patches in WIVI is to use the randomization features via WIVI Templates. The templates are a groundbreaking new way of editing instrument parameters. Templates are simple scripts that allow you to store and recall useful tweaks and parameter settings at any time.

Tweaking knobs may be fun, but not very effective. Templates let you take control over some of the most powerful features of WIVI, even as a complete novice.

WIVI v2 comes with several powerful templates that automatically generate experimental instruments, such as random arpeggios, plucked instruments, pads and leads — with any acoustic WIVI instrument.

WIVI v2 also raises the bar for music synthesis by marrying the most expressive virtual instruments with revolutionary loop sequencing technology. Using the built-in sequencer in WIVI, you can create advanced arpeggios, articulations and musical phrases in minutes.

A free demo of WIVI v2 is available at

Wallander Instruments WIVI Saxophone 2 Sample Library Software Features:

  • Includes WIVI player for instrument placement, environment selection, tuning, more

    Instrument list
  • Sopranino Saxophones 1-3
  • C Soprano Saxophones 1-3
  • F Mezzo-soprano Saxophones 1-3
  • C Melody Saxophones 1-3
  • Bass Saxophones 1-3

Whether you are a music producer, composer, teacher, student, orchestrator, experimentalist or music novice – WIVI v2 may be the most important software you will ever come across.

Wallander Instruments WIVI Saxophone 2 Sample Library Software Specifications:

  • System Requirements
  • (PC)
  • Pentium 4 or Athlon 64 (or SSE compliant Athlon XP) running Windows XP or higher
  • 300MB hard drive space
  • 256MB RAM
  • VST 2.4 or RTAS compatible host
  • (Mac) PowerPC G4 or higher or Intel Mac running OS X 10.4 or higher
  • 300MB hard drive space
  • 256MBRAM
  • AU compatible, VST 2.4, or RTAS compatible host

    Supported technologies
  • VST, Audio Units, RTAS

    Officially supported hosts (minimum version)
  • Ableton Live (v6)
  • Apple Logic (v7)
  • Apple Garageband (v2)
  • Cakewalk Sonar (v5, v6 no X-ray)
  • MOTU Digital Performer (v5)
  • Pro Tools (v7)
  • Steinberg Cubase (LE to SX, v2)
  • Steinberg Nuendo (v2)

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