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Click here to buy Sabian APX Performance Cymbal Pack with 20 Ride 16 Crash 14 Hats by Sabian.
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At on December 03, 2010.

Carefully matched cymbals that work together to expand your tonal repertoire!

The APX Performance Cymbal pack includes one 20" medium Sabian APX Ride, one 16" thin Sabian APX Crash, and a pair of 14" Sabian APX Hi-Hats (medium top cymbal/heavy bottom cymbal). Matched for optimum performance compatibility by the specialists in the Sabian Vault, sonically matched sets let you play a great-sounding set of APX cymbals right out of the box.

The medium APX ride cymbal has a balanced blend of bright stroke-definition and tonal spread for a ride versatile enough for all styles of music.

The explosive response of the thin APX crash cymbal is dense with high-end brightness and a razor-sharp projection that cuts with tonally cool, crisp attack.

The crisp stick and pedal response of the APX hats is bright and definite, for clean and cutting chick and stick definition at all volumes.

APX is Sabian's professional cymbal series from award-winning sound innovators: Sabian. The sheer attack of APX cuts through any music. To create this intensity, Sabian introduced new production processes that also result in a unique appearance for these cymbals. Featuring a 'High-Decibel' design APX cymbals sound super-bright, tonally tight, focused, and aggressive beyond belief to rip through rock-heavy grooves and blistering power chords like a laser through darkness. With APX, nothing gets in your way.

APX cymbals are ideal for cutting through the raging guitars, heavy riffing and high-powered output of hard rock and heavy metal bands. Top drummers already playing APX include Ray Luzier (Korn), Neil Sanderson (Three Days Grace), George Kollias (Nile), John Kelly (Type-O Negative), and Rich Beddoe (Finger Eleven).

Sabian APX Performance Cymbal Pack with 20" Ride, 16" Crash, 14" Hats Features:

  • 20" medium Sabian APX Ride
  • 16" thin Sabian APX Crash
  • 14" Sabian APX Hi-Hats (medium top cymbal/heavy bottom cymbal)

Bright new sounds from Sabian. Order today.

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