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Features: 7.89
Quality: 8.00
Value: 9.00
Overall: 8.37
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At on December 03, 2010.

An affordable crash made from the same B20 alloy as many high-end cymbals.

The small sizes and medium-thin weight of these Wuhan crash provide an excellent balance of quick, explosive response and rapid decay. This balance of characteristics makes them perfect for adding crisp accents to musical passages.

The best crash cymbals money can buy? No. The best crash cymbals so little money can buy? Absolutely.

Wuhan cymbals don't presume to challenge the sound quality, variety, or reputations of the fine professional-level cymbals on today's market. But when it comes to being affordable, that's another story.

Generally, "affordable" cymbals are made of less-expensive sheet alloys, using shortcut manufacturing methods and finishing steps in order to keep the cost down. With the resulting cymbals, you pretty much get what you pay for.

Wuhan cymbals are made of high-quality, cast B20 alloy. Handcrafted in China according to two-thousand-year-old traditional methods, this crash cymbal is buffed to a brilliant finish, and stamped with an unobtrusive but attractive logo.

Wuhan Crash Cymbal Features:

  • Medium-thin weight

An affordable, good-sounding alternative crash.

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