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Availability: Expected: 12-13-2010.
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At on December 03, 2010.

A package of five professional, handcrafted cymbals from Paiste's bronze Twenty Series including a pair of hi-hats, a ride, and two crashes.

This Paiste Twenty Series cymbal package includes a pair of 14" hi-hat cymbals, a 20" ride cymbal, a 16" thin crash cymbal, and an 18" thin crash cymbal.

It is Paiste's mission to create cymbals of true and dignified quality for the highest demands of professional drummers and percussionists. Paiste's continuous search for new ways to create cymbal sounds from manually malleable metals has taken them back to the primal and archaic sound energy of professional quality, traditional CuSn20 bronze. From such alloys the Twenty Series was introduced and made in 2007, combining Turkish ancient knowledge and Swiss precision with Paiste's time-honored methods, creating a symbiosis, or completely new blend of sound character. With exclusive manual craftsmanship, hand alloying, hand hammering, and hand lathing, Paiste stands behind their proprietary manufacturing methods.

The Paiste Twenty Series cymbals included in this cymbal pack work well in medium soft to loud settings; live and recording settings; and pop, blues, soul, rock, jazz, big band, R&B, country, acoustic, percussive, classical, and Latin styles. Professional drummers, recording artists, studio owners, and sound enthusiasts and collectors alike all use Twenty Series cymbals comprehensively for their percussion needs. Their sound is warm, broad, deep, sparkling, dark, oriental, trashy, bright, and forceful. They're cymbals with a certain raw and untamed mystical force, yet with the harmony, balance, and consistent quality that has been a Paiste trademark for decades.

Paiste Hi-hat cymbal pair: With a weight of medium heavy top to heavy bottom and a volume of medium low to loud, these hi-hats create a stick sound that's crisp, meaty, and pronounced. Their intensity is lively, their sustain is medium, and their chick sound is crisp, peppery, and tight.

Their sound character can be described as crisp, full, fiery, and silvery with a dark edge. They have a fairly wide range and a fairly clean mix and are tight and very responsive, giving a full, bright, yet warm and powerful open sound, including a tight, "electric" chick sound. They're a very dynamic hi-hat for almost all styles in studio applications and live performances.

Paiste Ride cymbal: With a weight of medium and a volume of medium low to fairly loud, these rides create a stick sound that's clear, meaty, full, and silvery. Their intensity is fairly lively, their sustain is fairly long, and their bell character is integrated.

Their sound character can be described as full, rich, defined, and strong. They have a fairly wide range, a fairly clean mix, and a very even feel. They have perfect balance and a clear, silvery stick sound paired with a full, somewhat glassy and velvety wash. They provide a very comfortable ride with great rebound and a very giving feel, and are suited for all styles in the range of pop, rock, blues, R&B, and Latin.

Thin Paiste crash cymbals: With a weight of thin and a volume of low to medium loud, these crashes create a stick sound that's washy with a lively intensity. Their sustain is medium while the bell character is integrated.

Their sound character can be described as full, deep, rich, and sparkling. They have a wide range, a complex mix, a sensitive feel and soft, yet quick response. They're a cutting and broad crash cymbal with a dark touch and a sweet, mellow attitude. They're also perfectly suited for any application that requires a blooming and breathing crash sound.

Don't miss out on this affordable package of Paiste's high-hats, rides, and crashes that will give your drum set the sound quality you've been seeking.

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