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The sampled drums on Toontrack EZXpansion Nashville feature the drumming of Harry Stinson and Chuck Ainlay. Stinson and Ainlay may not be the most recognizable names to country fans, but the Grammy Award winners' resumes are filled with names that are. The two have played drums, produced, engineered, and written with everyone from Johnny Cash to Steve Earle, Faith Hill to Martina McBride. So what better duo to have team up for Toontrack's Nashville EZXpansion pack for the EZdrummer sampler? Though country music has a wide variety of styles, from bluegrass to rocking boogie, there is a distinct sound you'll find in no other genre. It's all captured here in the 1.2 GB drum sample library featuring stickwork, brushes, and even fingers. You may not know Harry Stinson and Chuck Ainlay, but after working with their drum samples, you're going to want to thank them personally.

Toontrack EZXpansion Nashville Features:

  • 1.2GB country drum samples played, recorded, and engineered by Grammy Award winners Harry Stinson and Chuck Ainlay

    Featured Instruments:
  • Kickdrums:
  • PB Drum Co. 16x22" (felt beater, no snares, plastic beater, open felt beater)

    Snare drums:
  • Ludwig Black Beauty (70's vintage) 5x14" (with and without snares)
  • Ludwig Black Beauty (70's vintage) 6x14" (normal and with fingers)
  • Ludwig Chrome Brass 6x14" (brushes)
  • Tama Artstar solid maple 5x14"

  • Racktom, PB Drum Co. 9x10" (normal, brushes, fingers)
  • Racktom, PB Drum Co. 10x12" (normal, brushes, fingers)
  • Floortom, PB Drum Co. 12x14" (normal, brushes, fingers)

  • 14" Sabian AA (normal, brushes)

    Cymbals position 1:
  • 18" Sabian AA Medium Thin Crash
  • 13" Sabian AA El Sabor
  • 13" Finger Splash

    Cymbals position 2:
  • 16" Sabian Vault Series
  • 18" Sabian Vault Series (normal, brushes)
  • 18" Finger Crash

    Cymbals position 3:
  • 16" Sabian AA Medium Thin Crash
  • 18" Sabian AA Medium Thin Crash
  • 16" Sabian Vault Crash (Brushes)
  • 16" Finger Crash

  • 20" Zildjian 1960
  • 20" Sabian HH Med Heavy Ride
  • 20" Zildjian with Brushes
  • 20" Sabian Finger Ride

  • 18" Sabian AA Chinese Sizzle (normal, brushes)
  • 18" Finger Chinese Sizzle

Bring the roadhouse to your house with this powerful collection of country drum samples.

Toontrack EZXpansion Nashville Specifications:

  • System Requirements
  • 1.2GB free disc space, 512MB RAM, DVD drive, EZdrummer 1.1 installed

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