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Availability: Expected: 12-06-2010.
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A crisp, clean snare with the warm tone of maple.

This is a 14" x 6", 20-lug Absolute Maple Snare Drum from Yamaha. Absolute Maple series drum shells are crafted using North American maple. Maple produces a round, warm tone with a good mix of overtones from high to low. Yamaha's maple drums have a wide dynamic range and long sustain.

Staggered Diagonal Seam/Air Seal System:
The heart of any drum is the shell, and Yamaha's method of handcrafting shells produces the strongest, most consistent drums available. Yamaha drums feature a staggered diagonal seam to ensure a shell that starts cylindrical, stays cylindrical, and will not require any putty filler in the bearing edges to fill voids between the plies. The Air Seal System of clamping the plies in the mold provides the same pressure 360° around the shell to make sure the glue is evenly distributed. This is key to the consistency of Yamaha shells.

Absolute Lug:
Back by popular demand, the sleek, classic design of the original Absolute lug is now the standard lug in the Absolute series. This lug anchors to the shell at the nodal point using a single bolt, reducing the number of holes in the shell. The small size of the lug allows it to make very little contact with the shell, and reduces the amount of shell vibration that is dampened.

Vent holes:
The number of, and placement of, the vent holes plays an important role in a drum's sound by affecting the attack, sustain, and tone. Through exhaustive research and testing of many prototypes, Yamaha has discovered the optimal number and placement of the vent hole in each drum. This Absolute Maple snare has a single vent hole.

High-quality lacquer finish:
Yamaha was the first company to use high-quality lacquer finishes on their drums. Each lacquer finish is sprayed, sanded, and buffed by hand to create a drum that looks as beautiful as it sounds.

Yamaha Absolute Maple Snare Drum Features:

  • 14" x 6"
  • 20 lugs
  • Single vent hole
  • Hi-quality lacquer finish

This snare is ready to sing, order today!

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