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Click here to buy Fulltone MDV2 Mini-DejaVibe 2 Guitar Effects Pedal by Fulltone.
Features: 10.00
Quality: 10.00
Value: 9.00
Overall: 9.40
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Availability: Expected: 12-03-2010.
List Price: $295.00
Discount: 15%
Our Price: $250.75
At on December 02, 2010.

Custom-made photocells for 100% faithful tone.

The Fulltone MDV2 Mini-Deja'Vibe 2 is an effect pedal true to the original 1960s Univibe circuit, including the most important parts: the photocells—100% Fulltone-designed.

Real estate is precious, especially on your pedalboard, but the lush organic sounds of a perfect "vintage Univibe clone" are a necessity. They are now attainable in a space no bigger than a standard wah-wah pedal: the Fulltone Mini-Deja'Vibe 2—MDV-2 for short. This chorus pedal from Fulltone has a Vintage Cream powdercoated finish with oxblood lettering and a blue LED that throbs to the beat of its asymmetrical rhythm. The Mini-Deja'Vibe pedal's dual pot gives you access to all speeds from slowest to fastest, all with a perfect sweep and no abrupt speed changes.

Power the Fulltone MDV2 Mini-Deja'Vibe 2 pedal with the supplied 9V DC adapter or any pedalboard power supply on the market.

Fulltone MDV2 Mini-Deja'Vibe 2 Guitar Effects Pedal Features:

  • Custom-made photocells for 100% true-to-the-original design
  • Incredible tone from an incredibly small form factor
  • True bypass

Drop the Fulltone MDV-2 in the cart now and hear what difference custom photocells make.

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