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Click here to buy Red Witch Deluxe Moon Phaser Pedal by Red Witch.
Red Witch

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At on December 02, 2010.

A unique combination of phase and trem.

The Deluxe Moon Phaser pedal is an analog phase/tremolo guitar effect pedal with a unique combination of the 2 - tremophase. It has an almost limitless array of sounds available through its 3 simple controls. It does not reproduce the sound of any other phaser; it is a unique design with an incredibly warm transparent tone Red Witch refers to as spatial sparkle.

Three rotary controls allow you to dial up infinite phase possibilities. The three controls are labeled:

Velocity - determines the rate of the phase/ tremolo sweep - from an incredibly slow rise and fall to a super fast pulse.

Trajectory - A unique control that adjusts the shape of the phased wave.

Cosmology - a six position rotary switch that selects the phase, tremolo or tremo-phase stage.

The effect pedal features three phaser settings, two tremophase settings and a tremolo setting.

The Red Witch Deluxe Moon Phaser features a super bright Emerald LED - now even the deaf will know you're using the phaser, as well as a special stereo out: one output carries the wet phased signal and the other carries a special inverted dry signal. Hook the unit up to two amps and you're in celestial stereo heaven.

The unit can also be used with just one amplifier - glorious monophonic modulation!

The Moon Phaser can run from either a nine-volt battery, or from an optional external nine-volt supply, via a 2.1mm socket. The guitar pedal is housed in a die cast aluminum box finished in a vintage pearl coating, and screen printed with the appropriate hieroglyphics... what more could you want! All Red Witch pedals use only the highest quality, close tolerance parts, to ensure decades of hassle free phasing.

What do you get?
Lovingly crafted Red Witch Moon Phaser, signed and numbered Magical denim baggy, to store your pedal in.
True Bypass switching.
Lifetime guarantee on all electronics.
One of the best analog phase pedals on the planet!

The Red Witch Analog philosophy is to blend art and technology to create effect pedals of functional beauty.

Call or click today and enter an entirely new phase.

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