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Click here to buy Randall MTS Series RM20 15W Guitar Amp Head without Modules  - Used by Randall.

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At on December 02, 2010.

A single channel with replaceable module versatility.

The Randall MTS RM20 is a 15W guitar amp head with a single channel, and JJ EL84 power tubes. This Randall amp head employs both traditional and modern technology rolled into one amplifier. The modular channel can be loaded with your choice of available tube preamp modules. Load it up with a preamp tone that fits your needs with the ability to expand your arsenal anytime a new tone is needed. Don't purchase an amplifier because you like only its clean or hi-gain tone. Equip the Randal MTS RM20 amp with your custom set-up. With more than a dozen tube preamps always available from Randall, a new tone is just a module away.

Change and bias your own power tubes. Enjoy the ease of replacing your power tubes anytime you like with the very user friendly power tube bias section found on each Randall MTS amplifier. If a tube fails, no problem, the amp will kick that tube out of the circuit and a small LED will light by the tube that fails. Replace only the small protection fuse and tube using a small voltage meter and small screwdriver to adjust each individual bias point. If you like experimenting with different tube types, the bias section allows you to pop in and bias a new set of tubes in just a few minutes.

The RM20 features a tube boost function with Gain and Level controls as well as Master Presence and Density. Choose between live mode or silent mode for direct recording using the included "Mic Eliminator" XLR output. Other pro features include a Series Effects loop, tube bias section. Includes boost footswitch.

Choose between two coverings: black (RM20HB) or palomino (RM20HP).

Randall MTS Series RM20 15W Guitar Amp Head without Modules Features:

  • Single channel
  • Black cloth front
  • 15 watts
  • EL84 tube
  • Tube boost function w/Gain and Level controls
  • Master volume
  • Master density & presence
  • Series effects loop
  • Rear panel bias test points
  • Includes boost footswitch
  • World voltage AC input selector (100/120/220/240)

Get the amp that can change with you as your tonal needs evolve! Order today.

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