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Outstanding sound and impressive master controller capabilities with super easy split and layer.

The Kurzweil PC2/O 76-Key Performance Keyboard with Orchestra ROM includes some incredible sounds not found on any previous Kurzweil models. You get a triple-strike stereo grand piano, lush stereo strings, newly recorded multi-strike classic electric pianos (both Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer), brass sections, drums, percussion, voices (featuring Kurzweil's outstanding Take 6 vocal samples), and�more. The Kurzweil PC2 keyboard also features Kurzweil's KB-3 modeled ultrarealistic tone wheel organ programs. Orchestral sounds include string sections, solo strings, woodwinds, orchestral brass, jazz brass, orchestral ensembles, choir, organ, harp, nylon string guitar, orchestral percussion, and ethnic percussion. Additional sounds include mallet percussion, guitar, bass, Clavinet, harpsichord, synth sounds, and more.

Kurzweil's performance keyboard has 400 fantastic-sounding preset programs (256 regular programs, 128 orchestral ROM programs, and 16 KB3 programs). All programs can be edited, allowing changes to timbre, envelopes, and LFOs. They can then be stored to any of the 256 user locations (128 for regular programs and 128 for KB3 programs). One additional ROM block can be added to the Kurzweil PC2, which will add 128 more preset programs. (For older units that came with the orchestral ROM, it can be added as an option.) The PC2 Performance Keyboard has 64 voices of polyphony, expandable to 128 voices.

The orchestral ROM block comes with 2 banks of 128 programs. Kurzweil's unique programs are installed in the flash ROM. A general MIDI bank is also available, which can be loaded into theater bank. Or, if desired, you can install the GM bank of sounds as presets into the flash ROM, and then load the unique bank of sounds into the user bank.

Fantastic Effects

The keyboard's dual effects processors feature preset effects of the same quality as those found in the KDFX for the K2500/K2600 series instruments. A multiple bus architecture allows separate send levels per MIDI channel for an effect level and a reverb level. Effects include reverb, chorus, delays, distortion, rotary, phaser, flanging, dynamics processing, and much more.

Control At Your Fingertips

The Kurzweil PC2/O keyboard makes a great master controller for your entire studio or performing rig. A MIDI setup can have up to 4 zones, sending on up to 4 different MIDI channels. A large number of physical controllers can be programmed on a per-zone basis, allowing you to send any MIDI controller message on any zone. Physical controllers include 4 sliders, 2 wheels, 3 footswitch pedal inputs, 2-CC pedal inputs, a breath controller input, 600mm ribbon input (for use with Kurzweil's Ribbon Controller), mono-pressure, and 5 programmable panel switches. Each zone can be set to play the PC2 keyboard's own sounds, an external MIDI device, or both. Of course, you can set the note range for each zone to create splits and layers, as well as customizing velocity response per zone. All controllers can be scaled both positively and negatively and can have offset values as well as entry and exit values to set their "state" upon program or setup selection.

The built-in arpeggiator can be synced to an external MIDI clock and many different latch modes and play orders. This flexibility allows for the creation of endless varieties of arpeggios and percussion patterns.

The Kurzweil keyboard has 32 great-sounding setups with room for 128 user-created setups. Each of the additional ROM blocks will add more preset setups.

High-Quality Audio Output

The performance keyboard gives you pristine quality audio, with both analog and digital audio output. Digital audio is sent at a rate of 48kHz. It can be switched between Pro (AES/EBU) and Consumer (S/PDIF) formats and can be switched among 16-, 18-, 20-, and 24-bit resolution.

Kurzweil PC2/O 76-Key Performance Keyboard with Orchestra ROM Features:

  • Keyboard: 76-note, lightly weighted keyboard with mono pressure

    Controllers: pitch wheel, modulation wheel, 4 front panel sliders, 5 front panel switches (momentary or toggle, software selectable), 2 continuous control pedal inputs, 3 footswitch inputs, mono pressure, breath controller input, Kurzweil ribbon input

    MIDI: transmits on 4 channels, receives on 16 channels. In, out, thru (hardware switchable to copy of MIDI out)

    Max polyphony: 64 (128 with the polyphony expansion option), dynamically allocated

    Internal voices: 272 internal voice programs. 256 regular programs include grand piano, tine e. piano, FM E. piano, ensemble strings, voices, organ, harpsichord, clav, vibes, marimba, electric and acoustic bass (with and without layered ride cymbal), acoustic guitar, drums, percussion, synth pads. Orchestral ROM block includes string sections, solo strings, woodwinds, orchestral brass, jazz brass, orchestral ensembles, choir, organ, harp, nylon string guitar, orchestral percussion, and ethnic percussion. 16 KB3 programs use Kurzweil's modeled tone wheel organ mode. General MIDI bank also available. 256 locations for user created programs (128 for regular programs and 128 for KB3 programs). Expandable with an optional ROM block which adds 128 preset programs and 32 preset Setups

    Effects (dual processors):
  • Processor A presets: 58 reverbs, 6 delays, 10 choruses, 6 flangers, 3 phasers, 4 shapers, 2 enhancers, 8 filtered effects, 4 distortions, 1 mono>stereo, 3 wide stereo, 4 compressors, 2 panners, 7 rotaries, stereo tremolo, and 44 combination effects chains utilizing Kurzweil's unique Laserverb

    Processor B effects: 30 reverbs including booths, rooms, chambers, halls, and plates

    Effects routing: all 16 MIDI channels can send to A and to B in any amount. Also there is a global send from A to B for serial effects chaining
  • Flash ROM (for software updates via system exclusive dumps). The current version of the operating system is v3.10. The operating system in your unit is displayed on power up

    Outputs: 2 analog outputs (1/4" jack left/mono and right), stereo digital output (RCA jack, with AES/EBU and SPDIF formats selectable), stereo headphone out

    MIDI setups: 128 user-programmable MIDI setups, each with 4 independent zones, effects, and arpeggiator settings. 64 factory-programmed MIDI setups.

    Arpeggiator: Full-featured MIDI note arpeggiator with multiple latch modes, selectable play order, velocity, duration, tempo, and sync functions.

    Power: 9V AC external power supply

    Accessories: KFP-1 single piano-style footswitch

This is the key to tap your creative potential – a universe of sound possibilities at your fingertips. Make the right move. Make it yours today.

Kurzweil PC2/O 76-Key Performance Keyboard with Orchestra ROM Specifications:

  • 47-7/8" x 14" x 4-5/16"
  • 39 lbs.

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