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Availability: Expected: 12-07-2010.
List Price: $2346.98
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At on December 03, 2010.

An instructional keyboard and PA package that's loaded with extras and is ideal for music teachers training a large student group.

This Yamaha Instructional Keyboard and PA package comes loaded with audio equipment: Yamaha HD-200 Harmony Director Instructional Keyboard, a Yamaha STAGEPAS 300 Portable PA System (containing 2 active loudspeakers and a mixer), a Yamaha YBSP300 speaker transport bag made just for the PA system, and two Musician's Gear speaker stands:

HD-200 Harmony Director Instructional Keyboard:
This comprehensive music teaching tool brings harmony training, rhythm training, and ensemble timing together in one convenient Yamaha keyboard. It enables music educators to clearly demonstrate pure temperaments and for students to learn how to tune individual notes within chords, so that entire chords may be tuned. The HD-200 Harmony Director enhances your music education program by helping musicians understand how each part fits into the complete harmony of the ensemble. This level of understanding will help your ensemble move from good to outstanding.

A Japanese secret: Have you ever heard a Japanese high school band or chorus? Ever wonder how they get such great blend and intonation? Almost all Japanese school bands use this special training tool that, until now, has only been available in Japan. The Yamaha keyboard allows music instructors to teach through examples rather than words alone, the kind of harmonic understanding that normally takes many years of experience to develop.

Easy operation: Part of the Yamaha HD-200 keyboard's power is its ease-of-use and friendly interface. With two LCD screens and intuitive one-touch operations, the Yamaha HD-200 empowers educators in teaching intonation and ensemble timing to high levels quicker than conventional means.

STAGEPAS 300 Portable PA Speaker System:
One person can easily handle the Yamaha STAGEPAS 300 portable PA speaker system. The easy-to-use, ultra-compact design incorporates two 2-way loudspeakers, a 6/8-channel (4 mono, 2 stereo) mixer, and dual 150W amplifiers to provide a reliable sound system.

Each Yamaha PA speaker contains an 8" woofer and a 1" compression driver, driven by an efficient 150W (x2) Class D amplifier. The mixer features balanced XLR connectors, mic/line switches and balanced 1/4" jacks, 2-band channel EQ, and switchable 24-bit digital reverb. RCA connectors with a separate level control for a tape recorder or CD player are conveniently located on the front panel, plus stereo-out and monitor connections.

For added convenience, both high-impact molded speaker enclosures are pole-mountable with optional ADP138 adapters from Yamaha, and rear compartments house the mixer, cables, mics, and accessories.

Yamaha YBSP300 STAGEPAS 300 Speaker Transport Bag:
The Yamaha YBSP300 is a soft, rolling carrying case with an extension handle for the STAGEPAS 300 PA System.

Musician's Gear Speaker Stands:
Two standard audio speaker stands that adjust from 42" to 71" in height and accept 1-3/8" diameter sockets. They hold 110 pounds each while their aluminum construction reduces stand weight for easy transport. Molded plastic leg housings with ergonomic knobs are also extremely durable.

Yamaha HD-200 / StagePas 300 Package Features:

  • Yamaha HD-200 Harmony Director Instructional Keyboard:
  • Tone:
  • 10 voices, including piano for accompaniment
  • 32-note polyphony
  • Octave slider
  • Choose up to 4 octaves
  • Figure slider
  • Adjust the attack, release, and brightness to demonstrate to players the desired tonal image
  • Hold button
  • Show the differences of harmony changes caused by modifications to pitch and volume

  • Temperaments selection
  • Switch on equal, pure major, or pure minor with a single button press
  • Pitch and volume adjustment
  • Modify the pitch of each of 12 notes in 0.1-cent increments up to +55 cents
  • Change the volume of each of 12 notes from -15 to +5
  • One button transposition to C, B, E, and F

  • Up to 6 note subdivisions including quarter note triplet
  • Programmable up to 8 presets
  • Tap tempo
  • Easily set the tempo using the tap tempo feature

    Dimensions and weight:
  • 3-11/16" H x 33-11/16" W x 10-5/16" D
  • Weight without batteries: 9 lb., 9 oz.

    STAGEPAS 300 Portable PA System:
  • Portable PA system
  • 2 speakers with powered mixers
  • 2 speaker 16' cables
  • 2-way bass reflex speakers
  • 6/8-channel powered mixer
  • 4 mono channels
  • 2 stereo channels
  • 4 XLR inputs (channels 1-4)
  • 6-1/4" line inputs
  • Stereo RCA inputs
  • Stereo line inputs
  • Class D power amp (150W + 150W)
  • 24-bit digital reverb
  • Mic stand mountable with BMS10A adapter
  • Speaker enclosure accessory compartment
  • Includes power cable and speaker cable

    Yamaha YBSP300 STAGEPAS 300 Speaker Transport Bag:
  • Carrying case with wheels and extension handle for Yamaha STAGEPAS 300 PA System

    Musician's Gear Speaker Stands:
  • 42" to 71" height
  • 110 lb. capacity
  • Lightweight, rugged, aluminum
  • Portable
  • Use with 1-3/8" sockets

You can't beat this affordable deal on an instructional keyboard plus PA package. Order today!

Yamaha HD-200 / StagePas 300 Package Specifications:

  • Yamaha HD-200 Harmony Director Instructional Keyboard:
  • Tone generator and polyphony: FM tone generator: 8 Notes; AWM tone generator: 32 Notes; (piano, metronome)
  • Keyboard: 49 keys, C scale: 4-octave slider
  • Basic controls: standby/on button; master volume lever
  • Voices: 10 voices: flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, organ, trumpet, horn, brass, string, piano; hold button
  • Figure: figure button, figure sliders, attack slider, release slider, and brilliance slider
  • Transposition: transpose button, C button, B flat button, E flat button, F button; octave select lever (low 1, low 2, mid, high)
  • Metronome: memory button, tempo button, beat button, cursor button, quarter triplet button, tap tempo button, start/stop button, metronome volume lever, accent, quarter-note volume lever, eighth note volume lever, triplet volume lever, sixteenth note volume lever
  • Temperaments: equal tempered button, pure tempered major button, pure tempered, minor button, memory button, standard pitch, Hz button, cent button, key select, manual button, auto button, note select button: C, C#, D, E flat, E, F, F flat, G, G#, A, B flat, B, individual pitch button, individual volume button
  • Data entry: data entry dial, data entry button [-] [+]
  • Display: LCD display: harmony LCD display, metronome LCD display; contrast knob: harmony contrast knob, metronome contrast knob
  • External input/output jacks: DC 12V IN jack, foot pedal jack (standard stereo phone jack), output jack (standard monaural phone jack), and phones jack (standard stereo phone jack)
  • Power amplifier: max 7.5 W output
  • Speaker: 12 cm (4 Ohms)
  • Power supply: included AC power adaptor: PA-3C or PA-130 (DC 12V 700mA); D Cell Batteries ("AA" size, LR6 or equiv.) x 6
  • Power consumption: with AC power adaptor: 5 W (operating at max volume); battery powered: 2.5 W (operating at max. vol.)
  • Battery life: until low power warning: approx. 3 hrs.; until power depleted: approx. 4 hrs. (when using alkaline batteries)

    STAGEPAS 300 Portable PA System:
  • Maximum Output Power: 150W+150W/6 ohms @10% THD at 1kHz (SPEAKER L/R) 100W+100W/6 ohms @1% THD at 1kHz (SPEAKER L/R) ±15dB
  • Frequency Response: 3dB, 0dB, +1dB @20Hz-20kHz, 1W Output/6 ohms (Without MUSIC/SPEECH, EQ and SP EQ Circuit) (SPEAKER L/R); -3dB, 0dB, +1dB @ 20Hz-20kHz, +4dBu 10kOhm Load [MUSIC/SPEECH] switch=MUSIC (MONITOR OUT, REC OUT)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 1% @ 1kHz, 50W output (SPEAKER L/R); 0.5% @20Hz-20kHz, +14dBu 10kOhm (MONITOR OUT, REC OUT)
  • Speaker L/R output noise: -65 dBu Residual
  • Monitor/Rec output noise: -90 dBu Residual
  • Monitor Out/Ch Level output noise: -67 dBu Residual @ nominal level (CH1-4; MONITOR OUT)
  • Crosstalk: -70 dB between input channels
  • Weight: 40 lbs. (18 kg) Power Consumption: 70W
  • Stereo Input channel EQ
  • High: 10kHz shelving
  • Low: 100Hz shelving
  • Shelving turnover/rollover frequency: 3dB before maximum cut or boost; ±15dB
  • Enclosure: bass-reflex type
  • LF driver: 8" (20cm) cone driver
  • HF driver: 1" (2.54cm) compression driver
  • Cross Over Frequency: 4kHz
  • Frequency Range: 55Hz-20kHz
  • Maximum Output Level: 112dB (1m)

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