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Availability: Expected: 12-09-2010.
List Price: $480.00
Discount: 38%
Our Price: $299.99
At on December 03, 2010.

An inexpensive module geared towards beginning drummers with loads of great sounds and practice features.

Contained within the compact body of the Yamaha DTX500 series drum module are 427 amazing percussion sounds, created by a tone generator that handles both subtly nuanced snare work and dynamic, powerful drum strokes with ease. 50 preset drum kits have been carefully chosen to cover a diverse range of genres, including rock, funk, jazz, reggae, and Latin. The Yamaha DTX500 drum module stores up to 20 original drum kits and also features an on-board high quality digital reverb. It also offers a suite of comprehensive training functions to help you improve your drumming.

Yamaha DTX500 Series Drum Module Features:

  • 50 preset drum kits carefully chosen to cover a diverse range of genres, including rock, funk, jazz, reggae, and Latin
  • Stores up to 20 original drum kits
  • On-board high quality digital reverb
  • 63 internal practice songs in a diverse range of genres
  • Mute drum parts to simulate the feel of playing along with a band
  • AUX IN jack lets you connect a CD player or MP3 player to the Yamaha DTX500 so you can play along with your favorite bands
  • High-quality click function lets you customize rhythm and tone settings
  • Groove-check and rhythm-gate functions let you create a challenging practice environment in order to develop your timing
  • Recording functions let you capture your own performances and listen back to them

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Yamaha DTX500 Series Drum Module Specifications:

  • Size/Weight:
  • Width: 252mm (9-15/16")
  • Height: 52mm (2-1/16")
  • Depth: 147mm (5-13/16")
  • Weight: 898g (2lb.)

    Tone Generator:
  • Tone Generator: AWM2
  • Maximum polyphony: 32
  • Voices: 427 Drum, Percussion Voices, 22 Keyboard Voices
  • Effects: Reverb x 19 types, Master EQ
  • Drum kits: Preset: 50, User: 20

  • Trigger Setup: Preset: 7, User: 4
  • Pad songs: Start/Stop, Chase, Cut Off, 3 songs (max.) can be played simultaneously
  • Pad Controller: Snares adjustment, Tuning, Tempo
  • Pad Functions: Drum Kit INC/DEC, Click Set INC/DEC, Tempo INC/DEC, Click ON/OFF

  • Note Capacity: Approx. 16,000 notes
  • Note resolution: 96 parts per quarter note
  • Song recording type: Real Time Replace
  • Song tracks: 1
  • Songs: 3 Demo Songs, 41 Practice Songs, 19 Pad Songs, 20 User Songs

  • Tempo: 30-300 beats/minute, Tap Tempo function
  • Beat: 1-9
  • Timing: Accent, Quarter note, Eighth note, Sixteenth note, Triplet
  • Click Sound Sets: Preset: 6, User: 1
  • Click Timer: 0-600 seconds (in 30-second steps)
  • Training Functions: Measure Break, Groove Check, Rhythm Gate

  • Controllers: Buttons: DRUMKIT, CLICK, SONG Play/Stop, SHIFT, Cursor , ON/OFF, SAVE/ENTER Controllers: Volume, Jog Dial
  • Display: 16 characters x 2 lines backlit LCD, 7-segment LED (3-digit), Tempo LED x 2
  • Connectors: Trigger inputs 1, 5, 6, 7 (stereo phone jack L: trigger input, R: rim switch) Trigger inputs 2, 3, 4, 8 (stereo phone jack L: trigger input, R: trigger input) HI HAT CONTROL (stereo phone jack) OUTPUT L/MONO, R (mono phone jack) PHONES (stereo phone jack), AUX IN (stereo mini jack) MIDI OUT, DC IN
  • Power Consumption: 8.0W (DTX500), 13.0W (DTX500 and AC Power adapter)

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