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Click here to buy Sanyo ICR-EH800D Linear PCM Stereo Sound and MP3 Digital Voice Recorder by Sanyo.

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Uncompressed linear PCM stereo and MP3 recording with MP3/WMA music and data playback.

The SANYO ICR-EH800D linear PCM digital sound recorder incorporates a unique three-way microphone design. Its amazing sound and compact, unobtrusive design, makes it the perfect choice for capturing every nuance in a musical performance. The ICR-EH800D offers uncompressed linear PCM music and stereo MP3 recording with virtually unlimited recording time using removable micro SD/SDHC memory cards (2GB internal memory included). An integrated, slide-out, USB 2.0 plug makes it convenient and easy to transfer files to a PC. With expandable micro SD/SDHC card memory slot, you can record up to 544 hours time and operate the unit for up to 26 hours. It also serves the needs of business professionals and students have the need to capture sound at the highest quality.

Uncompressed Linear PCM Stereo and MP3 Stereo Recording
The SANYO ICR-EH800D delivers uncompromising recording quality with the highest degree of precision in a small, compact design. Files are recorded in uncompressed linear PCM audio (WAV) or MP3 file formats which can be played in standard media players. These convenient, easy-to-use, universal file formats makes sharing audio files a breeze—there is no special conversion software required. Simply record, download, and share—it's that easy.

Built-in Stereo Microphone and Directional Zoom Microphone (3 mics)
The ICR-EH800D has been designed to deliver uncompromising stereo audio recordings with pristine clarity using a unique three-way microphone system. The directional zoom monaural microphone coupled with the omnidirectional stereo microphone provides a new level of control in recording band performances. The directional monaural microphone has approximately three times greater sensitivity of a built-in stereo microphone. It is perfect for recording sound from the front direction and is suitable for seminars and lectures as well. The omnidirectional stereo microphone captures surrounding sound from 360 degrees in a balanced manner and is suitable for recording musical events as well as roundtable discussions. The ICR-EH800D provides relative positioning and distance of each sound source to one another with a higher level of precision.

Recording from External Sources - External Stereo Mic / Stereo Line Input Jack
In addition to recording audio using its built-in, three-microphone configuration, the user can connect an external stereo microphone. This jack can also be used to record Line level inputs from external sound equipment such as CD players, portable players and component stereos.

Up to 544 Hours of Recording (with optional 8GB SDHC card)
The ICR-EH800D can be used in numerous environments from recording live musical performance or capturing audio in business and educational settings. The internal 2GB memory can record up to three hours of uncompressed PCM audio or up to 136 hours in MP3 32kbs format. It can accept up to an 8GB micro SD/SDHC memory card (not included) which will provide up to 12 hours of uncompressed PCM audio or up to 544 hours in MP3 32kbs format. This will allow you to capture musical performances in their entirety. To put the number of hours in perspective, a college student could record every classroom lecture, from every class, for an entire semester onto one 8GB SD/SDHC card! Since the ICR-EH800D supports WMA and MP3 file playback, it makes the perfect portable music player to enjoy off-campus. * Based on a typical 16 week college semester x 5 classes x 6 hour lecture time per class, per week, equals 480 hours recording time.

Direct USB Connection with USB Extension Cable Included
The ICR-EH800D includes an integrated, USB 2.0 plug for connecting and transferring voice, music and data files to and from a PC. It can be plugged directly into the computer USB port. It's the ultimate in convenience - no need to use external USB cables or use an external flash card reader to access files. The USB 2.0 connector can be accessed via a slide switch on the back of the unit.

Up to 26 Hour Battery Life (with a single "AAA" alkaline battery)
The ICR-EH800D incorporates a Large Scale Integration (LSI) DIPLY Engine II digital processor which enables the unit to achieve astonishingly, long battery operation using a single AAA alkaline battery. This provides the user a clear benefit when recording lengthy meetings, conferences and other events.

Preset Recording Scenes with Customized Settings
The ICR-EH800D provides four preset recording settings (known as "scenes"): Interview, Meeting, Lecture and Music recording as well as three user-defined scenes. Each scene can be edited in a number of ways to meet your needs.

Automatic Level Control, Sensitivity and Low Cut Filter Settings
Automatic level control sensitivity switch enables the user to properly adjust the microphone to pick up nearby sounds (dictation, etc.) or sounds from further away (conference, lecture hall, etc.). During the recording process, the user can easily monitor both the input recording levels as well as the recordable time remaining (which is based on the remaining storage available on the micro SD/SDHC memory card).

Setting the recording sensitivity to manual mode allows you to adjust the sensitivity using the level meter and peak lamp. Setting the sensitivity to ultra-low sensitivity prevents a clipping noise from being generated or during playback at high volumes.

Another very useful feature limits the effects of unwanted noise. When sound from the wind or "pop" sounds from your own voice hits the microphone directly, then the unwanted sounds are recorded along with the intended sound. To minimize this effect, a Low Cut filter can be deployed.

Voice Activated System (VAS) Technology
Voice Activated System (VAS) can be set to automatically start recording when the unit senses sound levels that are above a minimum, user-adjustable, threshold level. The unit will pause the recording when the voice level falls below this minimum, user-adjustable, threshold level. This allows the ICR-EH800D to be set to VAS mode and have audible sounds automatically recorded. It also makes it much easier to assure that periods of silence will not be recorded and that storage space is not wasted.

Playback Speed Control + 200% - 50% (MP3 files)
A powerful feature included in the ICR-EH800D is the ability to adjust playback speeds from 50% to 200% of the normal playback speed. This allows users to adjust the playback speed, either up or down, making it easier to understand and transcribe voice files. Repeat playback mode can be assigned to either a single file, to all files in a single folder, or between two preset points in a single file.

Timer Settings for Recording, Playback and Beep Sounds
Recording can be started automatically at a designated time. Timer recording allows the unit to enter a "standby recording" mode until the timer allows automatic recording to begin. The unit can also be set to play files at a specific time or to activate a beep sound at a designated time.

Easy File Management
Managing audio files has never been easier. With folders conveniently named Mic (A, B, C, D), Line, Music and Data, it is easy to locate recorded files based on the recording method used. The Mic and Line folders can support up to 199 files each. The "Music" folder is used for transferring MP3 audio or song files from a PC files, making the ICR-EH800D a powerful, portable music player. Five music playlists can be created with each holding up to 199 files each.

Sanyo ICR-EH800D Linear PCM Stereo Sound and MP3 Digital Voice Recorder Features:

  • Uncompressed Linear PCM Stereo and MP3 Stereo Recording modes
  • Built-in Stereo Microphone and Directional Zoom Microphone (3 mics)
  • External stereo microphone / stereo line input jack
  • MP3/WMA music and data playback
  • 2GB internal memory included
  • Micro SD/SDHC card slot (accepts up to 8GB)
  • Long recording time from 136 hours (with 2GB internal memory) up to 544 hours (with optional 8GB SD card)
  • Up to 26hr. long battery life (with AAA alkaline battery included)
  • Direct USB connection with USB extension cable included
  • Dot matrix LCD display
  • Title Name, File Name, Artist Name display
  • Automatic level control microphone sensitivity
  • Peak and low-cut filters
  • Scene select recording modes (4 scenes)
  • 50% to 200% playback speed control of MP3 files
  • Voice activated system
  • File edit function
  • Timer recording
  • Stereo headphone output jack
  • Stereo rarphones included

Order this recorder today to easily and simply capture your most important audio!

Sanyo ICR-EH800D Linear PCM Stereo Sound and MP3 Digital Voice Recorder Specifications:

  • Recording format: PCM/MP3
  • Built-in memory: 2GB
  • Card slot: Micro SD
  • Recording bitrate / recording time: Optional Micro SD
  • Stereo / Mono (8GB):
  • PCM: 44.1KHz - 12hr.
  • MP3: 320kbps - 54hr., 192kbps - 90hr., 128kbps - 136hr., 64kbps - 272hr.,32kbps - 544hr
  • Operating Time:Alkaline: 26hr., eneloop: 19hr.
  • Folder: Music, Recording: A.B.C.D.L Recycle
  • File: 199 each
  • Microphone sensitivity:ALC ON/OFF (60-step)
  • External stereo microphone jack
  • Voice activated system
  • Recording LED on/off
  • Auto level control
  • Recording level meter
  • Recording equalizer: 5-band
  • Timer Recording
  • Time Stamp & Remaining Time
  • Recording modes: 6
  • USB terminal: Direct (2.0)
  • SD card slot: max. 8GB
  • Mic jack: stereo
  • Stereo headphone jack
  • Playback speed control (MP3): -50%±200% direct control
  • Sound control: 6 preset EQ
  • 5-second repeat / resume playback: 1-5 sec.
  • Timer playback
  • File edit
  • Beep sound on/off
  • Battery type: AAA x 1
  • Battery life: Recording Mode: 26hr.
  • Playback mode: 23hr.
  • Speaker size: 16mm
  • Output power: 80mW
  • Set size: 1.4"W x 4.05"H x 0.55"D
  • Weight: 0.09lb.

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