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Seven Skies

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Location: Singapore
Members: All Vocals
Marc,Sha,Nas & Has
About: Seven Skies is more the name of the only song where the four soloists - Has, Nas, Sha and Marc - sing together on the CD 'Heard It On the Grapevine', rather than the name of the group. The music range from ballads to moderate pop, swing, techno, and country, but all with a touch of rock in them.
Equipment: None listed
Recordings: Work on Heard It On The Grapevine began around April 2000. "We had a couple of songs but no singer," says Sherriza, lyricist. A phone call to a childhood friend ended that no-singer problem. "Has came, listened to the songs and agreed to sing for us. It was a song called Play to the Gallery." For some reason, it was decided that Play to the Gallery would not be included in the CD. By then, Has had fallen in love with Ancient Dust and started recording it. In the meantime, Marc had agreed to sing Secret, and a fine job he did! Next, Nas and Sha joined the team. The strange thing was, with the exception of Sha and Nas, who used to be neighbors, the four singers ' schedules never allowed them to meet in the studio at the same time. "Only when eleven of the songs had been recorded did the four meet at the same place at the same time. It was at the photo shoot," recalls Sherriza. And they all hit it off right away! So much so that it seemed a natural thing to record Seven Skies as the only song featuring the quartet united. And with Seven Skies, the long year of recording finally ended. "Tough year, it was, what with the busy schedules everyone was keeping. " Post-recording responsibilities fell squarely on Rush's shoulders. "Due to budget constraints, he had to do almost everything himself. Poor man. He almost burned out half way through." But all's well that ends well. "Now the CD's done and we're all proud of it!"
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Influences: None Listed

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