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Halie Loren

Halie Loren

Web Site:
Location: Eugene, Oregon

Halie Loren--Vocals, Piano, Keyboards

Live Band (line-up may vary):

Ishi Woods--drums & percussion
Weston Turner--electric bass
Tim Mclaughlin--electric and acoustic guitars

'Full Circle' CD Musicians:

Brian West--drums & percussion
James M. House/Chris Ward--electric bass
Christ Ward/James M. House--electric and acoustic guitars
Cello - Dale Bradley
Saxaphone - Paul Biondi


Halie Loren is an alternative singer/songwriter who, at 22, is already carving out a unique musical niche with her jazz-infused breed of intelligent piano-rock. Her richly textured, emotive voice and compelling song interpretations make it easy to see how she was nominated and won the Female Rising Star and Alternative Entertainer categories in the Independent Music Awards before even turning 16.  Halie writes with passion and delivers with a keyboard-driven focus carried along by her dynamic vocals.  She has already garnered multiple songwriting awards in almost every music genre from well-respected sources including the Billboard International and John Lennon Songwriting Contests, and took an Independent Songwriter of the Year award before she graduated from high school.

Growing up in Southeast Alaska, much of Halie's diverse music exposure came early-on from listening to everything public radio had to offer and her parent's eclectic music selections.  From her first on-stage jazz performance at the Sitka Fine Arts Camp at age 10, Halie knew music was to play a big role in her life.  After moving to the 'lower 48', she was quickly 'discovered' by Northwest music communities and touted as a rare vocal talent, and music opportunities immediately began coming her way.  By age 14, she had begun to write her own music, with three of her first original songs receiving regional & national awards.  At 17, Halie moved to Nashville to further pursue songwriting and industry experience.  She spent the next 1-1/2 years there writing, recording, performing, and exploring Nashville's extensive musical offerings, all before returning to the Northwest to continue her education. 

Halie's live performances highlight her intense emotional outpouring and commanding stage presence.  She has headlined full bands in front of thousands, spiced up jazz trios in intimate club settings, and brought down the house at musical festivals.  She also plays solo, with her trusty keyboard as her only companion, including showcases in New York City (International Songwriters' Guild), Nashville (famed Bluebird Café) and in Seattle (Rockrgrl International Conference).  She's collaborated with many well-known and respected writers and numerous other music industry veterans, all while going through her teenage years and preparing for college.  Often compared to other artists such as Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Paula Cole and Joni Mitchell, she has still held on to her own unique musical voice. 

Now attending college, Halie continues performing throughout the Northwest.  Her newest (and first) solo CD effort, "Full Circle," released July 7, 2006, includes twelve songs, eleven of them her originals, all of which showcase her as a compelling vocalist and writer as well as a talented pianist in her own right.  It is a work that is incontestably "Halie", with her having not only created the music, but also having playing a major role in the production, recording, and engineering as well. 

Halie Loren may have already packed a lot of music into a relatively young life, but she knows this is just the beginning of her musical journey. 

For live shows, a Neumann mic and JBL Eon speakers.
"Full Circle"- released July, 2006
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Sarah McLachlan, Etta James, Joni Mitchell, Nine Inch Nails, Bjork, Jewel, Tori Amos, Patsy Cline, Diana Krall, Coldplay, Nina Simone, Annie Lennox, Chrissie Hynde, Jonatha Brooke, the Cranberries, Ella Fitzgerald

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