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Location: Dublin, Ireland

Morgan Brickley (vox-gtr)
Mark Greene (gtr)
Colin Meagle (bass-vox)
Jon L (drums)


Kidic are not quite rock, not quite pop, and not quite emo, but their music does rock and it does emote. For Kidic, connection is paramount - too many bands hawk their songs on stage and never once acknowledge the audience.

Kidic, of course, grew out of Kid Icarus. Named after a 1980's video game that no one quite remembered, they honed their art on the college circuit, in and out of every venue in the Dublin area. From PA-less pubs to 1,000 capacity venues, Kidic have a song for every venue, every moment. From the soundtrack to your over-indulgence, to your longing for meaning, Kidic have a song. In the past Kidic have set their amps to bash out the pent up punk riffs of "Shake's Baby" and "Disco", following up with an acoustic set at the after show party. Some nights call for the melancholia of chances lost, and some nights call for pure distilled crunching rock.

The band formed at Dublin City University (DCU), and through their early years enjoyed a great following from the college, playing at as many college events and parties as was healthy. Even after Morgan left DCU the band still rehearsed there on the weekends in the magical surondings of the Wilde Space Theatre or the atmospheric Chaplaincy. Time was spent singing through guitar amps, fiddling with the stage lights, and occasionally smoking out the odd power supply. Their early recordings showed great promise but lacked a professional shine. Roll on a few years, and the band have the skills and personnel around them to make recordings to the standard they always dreamed of. The first of these three singles recorded in their new studio hits the stores May 07.

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Upcoming Single release - "Holding Doors for Strangers" - May 2007
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